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Slingdinging Sindlingers

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Is this a wild west town, or a town with a university in it! Saturday night and early Sunday morning it had an exceedingly wild westy aspect and people on Liberty, Washington, Main and sevsral other streets, who succeeded in getting any sleep between the hours of eleven and one o'clock, must have been utider the influence of anaesthetics. Officers and citizens, men and boys, "norse, foot and dragoons" - a motley, moving, shouting, gesticulating crowd, - were hurrying back and forth on various streets, and quiet people arose and poked their heads out of doors and windows to determine the cause of the uproar. It all came about in manner and substance, essentially as follows: During the afternoon Sam and Jake Sindlinger, from Scio, near Dexter. drove into the citv and ceeded to fill up to the fighting gauge. Sam is big, brawny, bad and a bruiser of no mean talent, after he has "spliced the main brace" a few times. Jake is just as wilhng but smaller and lacking in the far-west education of his burly brother, for Sam has been out on the border, where, for exercise and target practice the cow-boys ride into town and amuse themselves with shooting the buttons off people's coats and clipping the cap-bands of the cops with bulïets. In the course of the afternoon the Sindlingers had taken the oath of allegiance (with a little sugar) a sufficient number of times to feel patriotic and one of them had knocked a man down before dark, but nothing further of moment occurred till late in the evening, when one Kirby crossed the path of the Sindlingers, between whom and himself there existed a grudge. It appears that Kirby, a few weeks ago, had an altercation with the 'Lingers and afterwards meeting one of them when the the latter was pretty drunk, ished him off. At sight of hira Saturday night the pent-up Sindlinger devil broke loóse with howls and the use of a vocabulary which it is not lawful for raen to utter, and the air became thick with ribaldry, oaths and billingsgate. Officer Isbell endeavored to shut off the deluge of vulgarity, and was rewarded with a crack on the nead, and the toughs climbed into their buggy and disappeared. They were not long gone when they reappeared, driving furiously and scattering oaths and curses right and left. Isbell tried to stop the rig, when a whiplash curled like a black-snake around his face, and away went the Sindlingers; but again they reappeared. This t;me they were provided with a buggy load of arumunition in the shape of stones, which they let go into the crowd, with great freeheartedness. Doe. Collins made a grab for the carriage top, inteading to ditch the rig, but got bis fingers pinched between the braces and had to let go. Then Eldert said he would try a little trick, and he clinched the spokes of a wheel. Eldert is plucky, but small, and the next time he tries that same trick he will previously attach a cannon ball to the omega portion of his pantaloons. Up went his heels in the air, and he described an 'open curve," not usual in gymnastics, but known to astronomy, and came down with a whack; and when somebody inquired what that was, Eldert arose, brushed off the dust, and replied with a fine humor: "'Twas I, sir, rolling rapidly." The Sindlingers were "rolling rapidly" also, and O'Neil and his hack were chartered, several officers joined in the chase, a crowd of men, boys and dogs following on foot. Meanwhile the Sindlingers in their lighter rig dodged here and there, firing stones at every head within rock-shot, and finally eluded successful pursuit and disappeared. Later, Sheriff Brenner, armed with a warrant, procured of Justice Bennett, who arose out of a Sunday morning dream for the purpose - accompanied by officers Collins, McCabe and Schall, drove to the Sindlinger residence, and gaining admission demanded of Jake and Sam their peaceable surrender. But thefestive lads had undressed for bed and like prisoner diño, in Shakespere, when addressed by the hangman, - "Master Barnardino! you must arise and be hanged, Master Barnardino," they answered that they were "not in the mood" that morning, and told the sheriff to cali some other morning. But Mike was -'not in the mood" to cali, some other morning, and the men appeared, ciad only in pantaloons and shirts, and very defiant. It was evident that there would be blood before surrender. The lights had been turned off and there was considerable guess work in getting hold of the men; but the sheriff soon had Jake by throat and then Sam made a rush with a brandished chair. McCabe met him, ducked the blow, clinched him and the two went over with a crash. Here a petty fight ensued. Col'.ins and Schall were promptly on hand, and Jake was turned over to them, while the sheriff succored McCabe - and not too soon, for the mother and sister of the boys appeared on the scène and poked the officers in the ribs and laid over their heads with a chair. The battle was short, but bloody, the prisoners losing the game, for both had to be roughly handled. They were hustled into the hack, minus coats shoes and hats - Sam lacking most of his shirt ; - and conveyed to iail. Monday morning the "Singslingers" were fined $50 each which they paid. Policemen Eldert and Collins are all feeling pretty sore from various punches and blows and tumbles they received; especially Doe, who lost a leg at the knee, i. e., pants leg. Citizen Wadhams suffers from having been cracked in the shin with a two-pound rock - the fortune of an innocent spectator.


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