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That is, something is wrong with baby, but we can't teil just what it is. All mothers recognize the term by the lassitude, weakness, loss of appetite, inclination to sleep, heavy breathing, and lack of interest shown by baby. These are the symptoms of sickness. It may be fever, congestiĆ³n, worms, croup, diphtheria, or scarlatina. Do not lose a minute. Give the child Castoria. It will start the digestive organs into operation, open the pores of the skin, carry of off the fcetid matter, and drive away the threatened sickness. Gentlemen . "I notice that you have made Messrs. Elliott Bros., of Sydney, Australian agents for your Castoria. When traveling in America last year, my little boy became greatly deranged, and at times quite sick. The Chicago physician uponwhom I called, recommended me to use Castoria. From the day I commenced its use my child grew better and soon regained his usual health. I procured a dozen bottles of Castoria; have used some and given some away. It is a prompt and good remedy." Verv resoectfullv. Clarence, Australia.


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