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A Characteristic Speech

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The speech of the democratie candidate for governor, Hon. Spencer O. Fisher, at the Webberville barbecue, last Friday, was characteristic of the man. Mr. Fisher is a manufacturer and a man of large wealth and he unhesitatingly admits that his fortune has been built up under the advantages resulting from republican class legislation which favors certain industries at the expense of the consumers. Nevertheless he is opposed to all socalled protective legislation and is in favor of a tariff for revenue only. He does not question but that the removal of protective duties will diminish his profits, but since the removal will result in advantage to the great body of his fellow citizens as consumers, he frankly declares himself for the policy which will result in advantage to the greatest I number. Nor can his advocacy of this policy be brushed aside as mere electioneering cant, for all his acts as a publ c servant prove him to be a consistent believer in the principie that when individual interests, in matters of legislation, conflict with the highest interests of the peopie, the former should yield to the latter. For this reason he is an advocate of free lumber and free wool, although largely interested in each of these staples, and free coal and iron and free raw materials generally. In fact he is a consistant, all round, genuine tariff reformer and has the courage of his convictions. He is a man of the people, and although he has accumulated wealth, this has never been allowed, in any degree, to separate him from the masses. He is thoroughly committed to their interests and believes that when the people have spoken upon any subject, no selfish considerations on the part of their representatives should be permitted to thwart these commands. These things account for his great popularity with the people. He is the strongest man the democracy could have named for chief executive and he ought to be the next governor oí Michigan, and if the people consult their real interests instead of their partisan bias, he will be.


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