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The L. O. T. M. picnic, 1 day, was attended by about ioo persons, who enjoyed the occasion. Patrolman Armbruster, after reflection, thought differently of it, and withdrew his resignation. That was the proper caper, in Reuben. The Michigan Central east bound North Shore Limited will be discontinued after next Sunday. Dullness of traffic is the reason for the suspension. Arbor tent, No. 296, K. O. T. M., Friday evening elected Chas. Mills delégate to the Great Camp, next month. John O. Jenkins waschosen altérnate. The case of Fuenhm, accused of dieting Maroney's hens on corn that had been soaked in some kind of super-tonic with intent to shorten the period of the earthly pilgrimage was adjourned. "Coney" Tice, last Thursday, withdrew from the waters at Foster's a silver eel that weighed 44 inches. Some large eels had been caught there before, but this eel was a great eel - O, hold on; don't strike. The Germania Hotel, having been improved, renovated and admitted to full citizenship with other United States hotels, the proprietor announces a change of its name, which will hereafter be called the American. Evidences multiply every day that we are a nation. The Adrián Press states that Washtenaw has 79 justices and adds: "They dispense with a great deal of justice in that county." If the editor of the Press will place himself within Washtenaw jurisdiction, amends will be made for past remissions. A pile of sand on State street left one night last week without a red light, caused the upset of a buggy driven by Andrew Reule, who, with a friend, went into the ditch. Damage suit and big fees for lawyers grow out of just such unlighted sand heaps. The campus is as lively as a colony of ants. The construction of the under ground conduits, for steam pipes and electric wires; the demolition of the old boiler house and construction of the new; the work on and in the museum building and the unpacking and setting up of the mastodonic Columbian Organ, lend an excitement to the campus quarter that breaks the melancholy of the summer vacation, and offers employment to a large force. Next Wednesday is the last day for the payment of city taxes, and there remains yet unpaid, City Treasurer Pond informs us, about $24,000. Our citizens are no doubt familiar with the fact that all taxes not paid on or before August 15 will be carried over to December, and five per cent penalty will be added thereto, and collected at that date. This penalty fund is turned over to the city, so that the general city fund will receive the benefit of the same. At this season of the year, the inventive aclivities of mankind are are at work to defeat the assaults of the pestiferous fly. An Adrián man has brought out a new fly-paper, and a Manchester man has invented a revolving fan. An Ann Arbor man, however, has probably struck it exactly. His scheme embraces a mixture of molasses and nitroglycerine spread on paper. Generally the fly sticks to the paper and there is your fly. But if he gets away he will rub his shins together in ecstacy. This irritates the nitroglycerine, there is an explosión, and - where is your fly ? Out of a special from Ann Arbor to the Tribune, asserting the 1 ence of the Russian thistle hereabout, has arisen a controversy that ] may yet end in the calling out of troops and the shedding of coats Some assert that the so-called thistle is merely a milk-weed; others that the so-called milk-weed is the Russian thistle. The thistle epistolator argües that the weed has no milk and cannot therefore be a milk weed. Still it may be farrow this year, or have gone dry, owing to the drouth. The milk-weed theorist claims that it is no Russian thistle because that production of despotism is a tumble-weed. Does anyone "tumble"? Let the Agricultural College faculty shake the harvest whetstones out of theirhairand tackle the subject.


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