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The Municipal Club

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In his sermón at the Baptist church Sunday evening, Rev. Cobern blessed and hallowed the municipal club, and would have the public to understand and be informed that the municipal good government club, lilce the King's daughter, was "all glorious," free from political and selfish ambition and as just and non-partisan as the square of a cube; that through it great good had been accomplished for the municipal weal. There is no doubt that the eider, in his goodness and sincerity, believed just what he said. He has a zeal, "but not according to knowledge." It is not likely that he has ever taken a ride around the sawdust ring of the star chamber, or he might have had a glimpse of more tricks than the heathen Chinee ever knew how to put up. Under the fine manipulations of the republican inner circle as good men in all respects as now occupy their places have been turned out of the offices "neck and erop," men .whose regard for law and order was as great as that of those who fill their places. If the municipal club was the really, the truly sanctified and politically sinless society the esteemed pastor of the Methodist church believes it to be, then would the millenium of excellence in local government be now here. But it is not. Far from it. The club has yet to undergo some of the most trying scènes that it has ever endured ere it is purged of the aims and ambitions of the Republican steering coramittee. The rolling stock of the municipal club is in the bands of the Republican locomotive brotherhood. Brother Cobern does not seem to understand it.


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