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Warning From A Scientist

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The Argus' comment on the "experimental gooseberries" produced by Mr. Murray in New York, to the effect that they were so skillfully wrought as to be hardly detected from those produced by a natural goose, has brought out "Sojourner" in the Ypsilantian in some pointed remarks. Now the Argus greatly respects "Sojourner" as a scholar of great erudition in matters of science, especially in the field of successful experiment. Along lines where nature would be expected to be resentful "Sojourner" has conquered opposition and secured very high and very deserved encomiums from the traveling public by crossing the mock-turtle with the mudturtle in such a manner as to produce a hotel soup that one may mastícate without smashing his doublé teeth, although his efforts to combine the principies of the Florida orange with those of the osage or hedge fence orange in a pleasing and palatable manner have not thus far proved successful; but he will take up the matter again as soon as he has demonstrated his present contention that homueopathic puls can be grown on mustard stalks. It is out or regard for the revered source of the following criticism that it is here reproduced: "Doubtless much may be pardoned to a professional humorist hard up for a topic, but the Argus' funny man would do well to use considerable discreción in monkeying with "experimental" gooseberries. Mr. Murray is much more than an amateur horticulturist. He is a skillful and experienced chemist, and knows how to concoct messes not so toothsome as gooseberries, and to prepare compounds whose odors are not suggestive oí 'Araby the biest.' More than that - and this is what is of import to the Argus man - he intends to return to Ann Arbor this fall to prosecute advanced studits in chemistry. We would vouch tor his good temper under ordinary provocations, but human nature can't stand everything, and chemists are proverbially fond of experiments. Let the Argus man take heed to his ways."


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