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Dogs killed 12 sheep on the Fiegel farm, Pittsfield, Sunday night. Teachers' exarnination was held at the court house last Saturday. Fritz, the painter, has struck town. See his work on the Argus window. It is first-class. Mrs. John Hughes, of Scio village, aunt of Register of Deeds Hughes, died last Friday morning. The new rooms of the Y. W. C. A. over the First National bank are nearly ready for occupancy. The quarterly meeting of the Washtenaw district lodge of Good Templars will meet in Dexter, next Friday. Fred Frey, aged u, Saturday was seized with cramps while bathing and it came near being the last of him. He was revived by Dr. Kapp. M. E. conference convenes at the Soo Wednesday, September 5th. Special excursión rates can be obtained over the Michigan Central railroad. A lady on her way to California from England lost, last Saturday, on the road between Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor a satchel containing all the money she had - several hundred dollars. The Maccabees of Arbor Tent will run an excursión train to the Great Camp meeting at Lansing, Sept. nth, startitig over the T. & A. at 7:30 a. m. and return starting at 7:30 p. m. The Y. M. C. A at a recent board meeting of directors, decided to lollow the state convention with a series of evangelistic exercises and the services of an experienced evangelist will be employed. The Argus omitted to state last week in mentioning the visit of Dr. D. P. McLachlan, of York, to the county seat, that the doctor was enthusiastic in his belief that the democracy would sweep everything this f all. The sham battle at Camp Rich was followed by a rain. Why can't a sham militia fight be gotten up in Ann Arbor? If we could only have another Sawyer-Allen county convention, that would serve the same purpose. The youngest son of John W. Goodspeed arrived in the city last Tnursday night and Mr. Goodspeed smiled frequently the next morning. Others "smiled" with him. The junior Goodspeed is quite young. Any person desiring to enter the Ann Arbor Art School in any of its branches of work is requested to cali upon Mrs. W. S. Perry at 61 Washington street, after six o'clock p. m., until Sept. 15, for terms and information. There will be preaching service in the lecture room of the M. E. church next Sunday morning. This will be the last service before conference. A general class meeting will be held in the doublé parlors at 9 :i5 a. m. on Sunday. Paderewski says: "I haveschooled myself to absolutely subdue ray feelings, or they would rise to such a pitch as to prevent my having the least control over my fingers." He may have this control over his feelings but not over his hair. Last Sunday night at 12 o'clock, the family of Mr. Armbruster, on Washington street, were awakened by the furious barking of the little dog inside the house, as if someone were entering it. A noise washeard as if someone had fallen. In the morning their daughter, Laura, found on the side of the house a stamp with the name of Rhode on it, also a gold chain which when taken to Mr. Rhode, he stated that his office had been broken open and these articles with others taken. Justice Pond, Monday, held inquests as follows: On the body of iJarney Morrison. Drunk. Ninety days D. H. C. Chris Schneider. íard eider. Ten days. Frank Tolbert. 'Bout like the others. Two dollars and costs. Christopher Komiskie died at his ïome, corner of West Huron and Seventh streets, Sunday evening, aged 48 years. A widow and seven children survive him. The funeral will be held tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock, from St. Thomas' Catholic church. Paul Tessmer, being suspected of a magnetic influence causing unpurchased groceries, etc. to adhere to lis hands, was last week lodged in ail after a search warrant had revealed about his premises groceries of a considerable amount. He was charged with larceny from Staebler's tore. Jacobs & Allmand's new shoe tore in the Washington block on Washington Street, is open, and tocked with the most complete asortment of fashionable and seasonable foot-wear. Messrs. Jacobs and Allmand will be found the most courteous of business men and their tock unrivaled. Dr. Smith yesterday amputated above the knee, one of the legs of a young man named Meade, living our miles south of the city. Some months ago young Meade, who is 17 years of ag;, injured his knee in alighting from a carriage. A swellng and cancerous formation resulted and the loss of the limb was the result. __ Yes, it is true that Judge Babbitt ïas lately returned from a fishing excursión, but it grieves us to have )eople, on that account, come to ;his office to inquire whether affidavits administered by him, still have a binding legal forcé. On the subect of his catch, the Judge has sworn with great care and with much more moderation than some who suppose they have passed into the state of sanctification. Attorney General Ellis has decided, in response to an inquiry rom the state treasurer, that merchants who go about the country in wagons exchanging goods from their store for farm produce come under Section 1,263 f HowelPs statutes, which provides that no merchant shall peddle goods not his own manufacture without a license. For a single horse rig the license is $40 a year, and for two horses $75. Last Wednesday Mrs. Sheehan, accompanied by her young nephew, started for a drive from her residence, when one of the carriage wheels severed its relations with the aody politie and rolled away by itself. The carriage upset, breaking the box and top from the running jear, and the horse ran away, leavng Mrs. Sheehan and nephew at leisure to crawl out as best they might. The lady sustained a severe sprain of the right wrist. Her nephew escaped unharmed. If it shall come to pass that the republicans of the Jackson and Washtenaw senatorial district shall lay hold on the lappel of the coat of N. D. Corbin, of this city, and insist on his nomination to the senatorship, it is learned that then and in that case, the said Corbin will not execute the "Joseph in Egypt" act and suffer his clothes to be torn off, rather than yield. Mr. Corbin would protect his political chastity with his hfe, but feels that he cannot afford to build up the business of clothing stores, to avoid being snatched from the bosom of his famiiy and made a candidate for senator. At Big Rapids, yesterday, Sylvañus W. Curtiss, Jr., formerly one of the owners of the Argus, was married to Miss Margaretta Shaw. -Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss start life under bright auspices. Mr. Curtiss is a hustler and is one of the owners and business manager of the Wayne County Legal News, which bids fair to attain a great financial success. Mrs. Curtiss was a student in the University at the same time with Mr. Curtiss and is a very bright and vivacious young lady with many warmfriends. The many admirers oi the young' couple in Ann Arbor wil] unite with the Argus in sincere and hearty good wishes for their happiness and prosperity. At the adjourned meeting of the Ann Arbor Street Railway company, held last Friday, the following were elected directors: F. H. C. Reynolds, M. H. Kelly, A. F. Bradbury, F. W. Weeks, J. D. Carroll, H. P Glover and C. E. Hiscock. Except Messrs. Glover and Hiscock, the board is composed of Maine capitalists, and the road will therefore will be run by Maine strength. Persons not liking this pun are requested not to throw bricks. The issue of $100,000 in bonds was authór ized, $60,00 of which replaces pre vious bonds and $40,000 will be used in the furnishings of the road A new 80-horse generator is among the things that are new.


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