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Sort Of Jekyll And Hyde

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TIn.' man giviug bis mime as Gorman was iileutitieil as Billy Williams, a wellknown character of the Pacific coast, and later identifleil by responsible parties as H. F. GrUwold, local inspector of the Manchester Assurauce couipimy. The people making the ideutifícation are offiuiul oí tbc Manchester Aimuranoe pany. It appears to be a case of Dr. J-vkll and Mr. Hyde. Griswold had do u' d to Bteal or sboot hi8 fellowmen. hm li.l it apparently becaue he loved the nn-i'i-y and excitement of such a lfe. P rinjilie daytime Griswold filled the m .i'-:.-. ■' position of fire risk inspector, w'i. -n urd as a cloak for marauding ext iroiuud iluring tbe uitrbt. About five years ago Griswoü 111 irtií-d a country girl and she became "Gordon," not " Griswold." Siuce men tbej have livtd in various part of Chicago. Tbe timid, frighteued wife calltd ut the police station and gave her nanie as Goidon, saying sbe had never known ber bueband by any otber. The Btory of Griswold's lite as far as known is uuique. Boru twenty-eight years ago his father tried to give him a fair education, but the boy's instincte were wild. He disappeared one day aud the next heard of bim was as a cowboy and ranchruan in the west. After several years of adventurous life in California, Oregou and Idaho he carne to Illinois aud secured employiuent as a brakenian at Rock Island, Hls. Whiie there he married and the influence his wite c.msed bim tolendaquieter life. Hia fat ber, notiu his improveinent, pecured bim u Dosition in the Mancbaster As&urauce company, vvhere his proficiency euabled bim to draw a handfome salary. Furtber disclosures are expected at the lnquest over the reiuaius of Detective Owens, which bas been pottpoued a week to perinit tbe pólice to make a full investigation of Griswolü's aud Lake's careera


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