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Like The Crack Of Doom

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This morning at an early hour, when nature yet slumbered and not a leaf stirred, nor' a bird nor a rnouse; when church yards had ceased to yawn and dining girls had jegun to yawn, and night clerk McQuade was about to ring up the central ticket office, a section of plastering about a yard across, feil from the overhead wall to the tile floor, with a report and concussion that made the gaslights jump and the old dog "Cash," who had just left the spot, to make the quickest jump of lis 14 years of life. The room was illed with dust and flying piaster. The section feil exactly in the space usually occupied by the cushioned easy chairs, which are nearly always occupied, when guests are in the obby. Had the incident occurred wo hours later, somebody would now undoubtedly be nursing a cracked skull.


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