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New York, Aug. 29. - E. M. Walsh, of Ann Arbor, Mich., called at pólice headquarters today and told Inspector McLaughlin a story which, it would seem, will clear up the mystery of the four certificates of stock of the American Sugar Refining Co., found on David Perkins, of Mansfield, Mass. Perkins was arrested a fortnight ago, while trying to dispose of the certificates in Dover, N. H. The certificates were said to have been part of the proceeds of a robbery at the Fifth avenue hotel in this city, about five years ago. The pólice here poohpoohed the story. The story was read, however, by Broker J. C. Turner, of No. 41 Liberty street, who knew Mr. Walsh, and also knew the circumstances of the robbery; so Turner asked the Dover anthorities to hold Perkins until Walsh could be communicated with. Perkins was released, though, and had disappeared. Mr. Walsh says he lived in the Hawaiian Islands about 20 years. In the summer of 1889 he came to New York on business and stayed at the Fifth Avenue hotel. He went to the hotel news stand to buy theater tickets, and while paying for them laid on the counter a big pocket book containing the certificates for 364 shares of sugar stock, worth $40,000. Keceiving his change, Walsh walked away, forgetting all about his pocket book, and did not miss it for an hour later. Then it was gone, and all the advertising he resorted to offering big rewards, was fruitless. He notified the sugar company and in due time duplícate certificates were issued to him. He then went back to Hawaü. About a year ago he returned to the United States and went to live at Ann Arbor. He had deposited his duplícate certificates of stock after giving bond. Inspector McLaughlin has taken steps to secure Perkins' re-arrest.


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