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Alsike clover, thrashed about Clinton this season, has yielded as high as 30 bushels to the acre. Bartlett Jacobs, of Erie, and J. P. Seitz, of Maybee, Monroe county, are to be roasted for selling liquor without a license. An Adrián census-taker asked a darkey lady if she was colored. "No, sir," was the indignant reply, "I was borr. this way."- Morenci Observer. Graduates from the Petersburg high school are now eligible to the Normal, with no other passport than a certifícate of graduation and marks of the "ruler." H. A. Bacon, of Oakland county, is the inventor and patentee of a bean-picker and is in danger of getting rich out of it. Bacon and beans go well together. Evangelist Morehouse is conducting a tent revival at Jonesville. He will need more house than a tent before a thorough job in his line can be done at that point. Editor Marvin, of the Dearborn Advance, after ten months' experience as wet nurse for the enterprise, gave it up last week and cracked the infant's skull to end its misery. A thief who entered the residence of Art. Walker, of Coldwater, last week, borrowed Walker's gold watch, K. T. badge and $10 in cash. Some other thriftless thief would have neglected this golden opportumty. A young lady at Baw Beese lake last week had a hole shot in one of her eyelids, by a target gun, the gunner missing the eyeball. This is what we regard as extremely fine target practice. A hole has been cut in the roof of the Ida school building, to reach the belfry. This is much more convenient than the old method of getting at the bell by a balloon anc coming down with a parachute. After fourteen years of service as a Sunday-school superintendent, Dr North, of Tecumseh, has resigned He was urged to continue, but re mained firm. What a difference there is between politics and relig ion! Deerfield, Lenawee couty, ha becorae the haunt of another edito who thinks he is commissioned to fill that "long feit want". He ha issned a newspaper, but has not ye tnustered the hardihood to publish his name. The Times, Friday printed cut of the various candidates for con gress except in the case of A. J Sawyer. That gentleman allowed he had been "cut" to his satisfac tion by the Lenawee republicans. - Adrián Press. The Howell Democrat says tha two girls walked from here to tha place and back one day last week If it's true, there's larger huraps on the Fowlerville girls for walking than we ever supposed there was. - Fowlerville Observer. The Clelsea Leader man has an alyzed "an oíd maid," and made the following discovery: "Jt is a condition of mind and heart rathe than a question of years." Thanks Now the county can turn its whol attention to the campaign. E. Lindsley, a London, Monro county farmer, after touching off dynamite blast in his field, stood and waited for the stump to com down. When it did it knocked hole in his head and he lay hour unconscious, but will recover. Hon. H. C. Pratt, of Fairfield Lenawee county, has the granit ■íace to announce himself as squarel in the field for republican represen tative in the legislature. Mr. Prat says he feels like a wine cask with out any vent, and this is the way t eet it. The report having gone forth that a man was killed at a recent Sunday school rally at Howell, the Democrat reports that after thorough investigation it cannot find that the report was true. The rumor probably got mixed with a Detroit Republican caucus. The most uncivilized cruelty is Tpracticed on prisoners in the Hillsdale jail. They are confined where they are obliged to take frequent vows of the frightful pogoda called the county court house, with not a day deducted from their sentences on that account. The Fighting of Dundee with electxicity will be a great event, and it is proposed to honor the occasion with a grand demonstration, and invite in our neighbors. Sometime about Sept. 15 is the expected titae. Due notice will be given. - Dnndee Reporter. Editor Peek, of the Fowlerville Observer, has not feit first-rate, and Is supposed to be suffering from atrophia of the conscience since ■writing that "Saturday afternoon Hanson Ellsworth and Dan Fryant killed a garter snake which meas ured a little over three feet, anc froiK which ran eighty-seven (87, young ones by actual count." A. P. Mosher, of Mosherville, j last week dulled his scythe very )adly on his anide bone. He should e mower careful. A Tecumseh boy last week took a o-foot drop from a tree and struck n a stone pile. He was all smashed p but will live Many older people re smashed up by "taking a drop." The Orion lake "sea serpent" ïas not been seen since about two weeks ago, when he swallowed a octor and a preacher. They left heir afficavits on file that they had een him. Lyman Randall says he has a dog with a record. Although not much arger that a fat raccoon, this little our-footed hunter has killed, or asisted in killing, 1,205 woodchucks. - Tecumseh Herald. Our base ball club went to Chelea last Tuesday and cleaned the unkheads of that town out. - Grass ake News. It is now likely that if Grass Lake insists on remaining in he unión, Chelsea will move ou Editor Slocum, of the Holly Adertiser, pitched into a brother of he village president for renting a ïouse, used for "unconstitutional" uirposes. The . council condemns ilocum for this and now it is "Lay on Macduff and - ." The people elected the democratie party to office. - Livingston Republican. That is correct. The sugar trust did the rest. - Same paper. That's a lie. The republican party gave the sugar trust half a cent a pound. The democratie party took all but one-eighth of it away. Some Ann Arbor republicans are are kicking like cantelopes, because 5 per cent, has been added to the unpaid tax levy. Every mother's son of 'em however, think a 40 per cent. tariff bill is free trade. That's what they do - and they also think the foreigner pays it. - Adrián Press. If it weren't for Ann Arbor this old globe of ours would go wobbling through space like a half filled smoke balloon. - Ann Arbor Argus. Correct you are, Bro.; Ann Arbor gas helps the old balloon along wonderfully. - Plymouth Mail. No. We spoke of a smoke balloon. Do not smoke the issue. G. W. Bowker brought to this office, Friday, an ear of corn having many peculiarities. The ear was composed of ten distinct ears, and growing out of the top were shoots in every way resembling wheat. The ear was an unusually large one. - Coldwater Republican. He that hath ears to 'ear, let him 'ear. The Dundee Reporter says: "If one man starts to pay his debts, it puts a row of men a half mile long in motion, each one starting to pay his." That may be the way of it in Dundee, but in sometowns, when a man pays his debt, the next man, who owes the still next man, lies to him and says he didn't get that money yet. A rat got into Tripp's jewelry store, in Adrián, the other day. Immediately the jeweler and those present locked the doors and went into executive session. Atter the sound of revelry had ceased and the doors were again opened, the rat was dead and it is thought that $100 will repair the damage to the clocks and show cases. During the recent bloody game of base ball at Monroe between the Adrians and Monroes - the latter braced with some Detroit players - much ill feeling and almost a riot ensued. Gen. Spaulding was on the grounds practicing for the congressiónal "home run"; and because he did not interfere to stop the row, a lot of the boys say they will vote "agin him." That able young journalist, Editor Schermerhorn, of the Hudson Gazette, charges the Adrián Press with the responsibility of the Argus' editorial remarks on the nomination of Gen. Spaulding. The miscredit was of course wholly unintentional, and was probably due to the sudden descent upon him of the unexpected congressional boom, which "pied" his manuscript. It is all right, Bro. Schermerhorn. The following obituary on the death of the Stockbridge Era is from he Stockbridge Sun: The death of the "Era" was painless and without any apparent effort. The mourners are few and seem well pleased. lts sapless form has been feelingly deposited in our journalistic ceme'-ery beside the "Sentinel" and the "Tidings." As the "Era" used up its spirit to live, there'll be none to respond when the archangel sounds its trumpet. The Northville Record, a newspaper of absolute truth and voracity, says: "The Orion sea serpent has already consumed a cow, a hog, fifty hens and a whole garden of vegetables belonging to farmers near the lake. The snake grows about ten feet in length and six in circumference each week-." This seems to settle what the Argus has along suspected - that the snake is an escaped boy-constructor, from some entotnological exposition. Attorney Frank E. Priddy, who j will play ball with the lawyers against the doctors, Friday ! noon, is winking the other eye ' day. He was down on the grounds practicing this morning, and "clip" , came a ball, taking him square on ! the left optie, with true Blackstone ; precisión, and painful certainty. i The eye swelled up like a circus! tent for an hour or two, compelling; the young barrister to seek an j opener with a physician's prescription back of it, and if he gets the peeper trained down for the coming game he will do well. - Adrián Telegram. While deputy sheriff Stevens, of] Tecumseh, was reposing in a i rnock, Sunday, he feil asleep. The hammock and stretcher then entered into a conspiracy to kill the shoulderclapper then and there. Accordingly the hammock broke, letting his body smite the earth, and I the stretcher cracked him one on j the skull, nearly breaking it. The officer, when he woke up, as he did almost immediately, and heard of what had happened, feit mad and hurt in his feelings, and said it was the worst "biff" he had received since arresting the female burglars in pantaloons, eighteen months ago. In Lenawee county the radical and liberal wings of the church of the United Brethren in Christ have long had each other by the ears, and have acted in the most uncharitable manner over the possession of church property, and the circuit and supreme courts have each been the scène of legal strife, with lawyers on either side, whose hopes of heaven are slimmer than a nihilist's chances of the Russian throne, arguing the cause of christianity. A case from Blissfield has j ast been decided in the Lenawee circuit, the Radicáis winning. Of course there is the devil to pay, on toth sides - the attorneys. Squire Doyle, of Milan, recently married a colored couple and this is what followed. We quote the Leader: On Monday of this week a colored gentleman ('nother man from t'other) called on the Squire and startlingly informed him that the woman in the case was his wife, and teat he (the Squire) had tied her up to another man. He also informed the Squire that he had sued the other man, and that unless a satisfactory, satisfying satisfaction could be eliminated from the legal proceedings there would be a big rumpus in África, and it might have a blighting effect upon the illuminous head of the York democracy. Further developments are looked forward to with great interest. The Adrián Times is now 29 years oíd. As a ízwpaper it is a model of excellent journalism. It was many years under the direct care of its late proprietor, Tom S. Applegate, a writer whose strong individuality, wealth of intellectual resource and incisive, original style gained for it a place in the front rank of Michigan newspapers. The death of this able journalist was a loss to the profession; sti.ll, the Times under the admirable direction of Mrs. Applegate and a corps of experienced writers, has maintained the huh place it had achieved and is a prosperous and profitable newspaper property. If it could be induced to swallow a reform emetic and throw up its republican politics it would be hard to find how otherwise to improve it.


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