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An Elk hom is arnong the producís of the soil owned by Geo. O. Merwii;, of Manchester. It was mined frotn liis marsh with a plow point. The dress stay factory at Ypsiianti has resumed business. Stay a moment! Is the new taritï, then, so ruinous to our manufactui'iug industries? We hope the scandal suit talked qt south of town will be settled before it comes to trial. - Manchester Enterprise. Wliat, - and starve the lawyers ! 'The school meeting went off quietly," says the Sylvan correspondent of the Chelsea Standard. In some places the school meeting went off so loud as to be heard all over an assembly trict. The editor of the Dexter Leader has discovered that wet baking powder will cure a suake bite. If his experience is held as a demostration of fact, a crash of the Keeley cures is imminent. The Northville man should know that it is wild lettuee, or prickly lettuce, and that there is no Russian thistle in this región.- Commercial. Brethren, stop this! Lettuee have peace. It is at last discovered why Mr. George Peters' populism is so intense this i'all. His erop of peaches failed, and he considers it a cunningly devised scheme of Grover Cleveland. Murder has out. Four studies, with a recitation in each every day, is the present Dexter school method. In this enumeration is not included the study oí how to kiss a pretty girl, so shy, my eye!- on the sly, when the teacher's back is turned. There was a good thing in the Ann Arbor Register of week before last. It was a luncheon carried by a farmer to the picnic at Whitmore Lake. - Ypsi lanti Sentinel. This accounts for the case of tyrotoxicon at the lake that day. From "Ypsilanti Plains"'. an Ypsilantian correspondent writes: "The district qalks of building a new school house as soon as the eider business picks up." This is a one-sided statement. Still, a man should be ou one eider the other. The prohibition senatorial convention will be held at Chelsea, on the 20th. As usual, the party smells victory in the air, this fall, and whiskey in the breaths of the two old parties and that unpedigreed product of Mr. Peters' populism. George H. Mitchell, of Chelsea is seized of the amiable infirmity of desiring to become the easy dressed beef of Jacob F. Schuh, democratie candidate for county clerk. Well, perhaps Mr. Mitchell is as well prepared for death as anybody. L. A. Nordman, is loaded to the muzzle with populism and will begin to tire lus pneumatic gun about the lóth, Dexter being selected as bis first point of attack. We know not what course otheis may take. but as for Dexter, she may take to the woods. A threshing machine with a hot box, like a renutiliiin ponntv miivsntinn set tire to the straw of Peter Casli of Wampler's Lake. last week, and tor a time it seemed that the cash of Peter Cash would be spent for a new bain. With difficulty this was prevented. G. E. Waterman, the photographer, . who does the doublé act of being in Ypsilanti and Saline at the same time, secured a prize at the recent photoKraphers' conyention at St. Louis. Some people get money, and others their jaws slapped, for iiiaking face3. Today the great German-Irish-American Olympian games are in progresa in Manchester. The sack race between Gov. llich and Spencer O. Fisher is alone worth going many miles to see It is not true that Frank Keiler will offer to stand up before Gov. Felch for four rounds. When Geo. Heimerdinger at Manchester, unhitched his horse to drive home, the heast remarked that he guessed he would get in and ride with him and in attempting to do so reared up and feil over backward, pinning Mr. II. down and holding him till others carne to his rescue. A. C. Clarke last week completed uie scnooi census ana rouna ín the aistrict 269 pupils between the ages of 5 and 20, a decrease of four from that of a year ago.- Saline Observen Considering the hard times the children have held their own very well, and not a kid has so far shown up with a stonebruise on his lieel. This is a good record. Forty-two people on a recent certain day, had their pictures taken at a Chelsea gallery. Their combined ages were 3,093 years. What an expanse of time! It almost outdates that old chestnut, "The furriner pays all the tariff." Thus yelps the crafty republican orator, and thus echoes his cuckoo follower who has a brain like cyclop. A beggarfy gang of tatterdemalions composed oí men and women. whose saualor outranked the delectable pomade of the hog and made sick the heart of the tumble-bug, camped near Manchester and opened up a begging bureau last week, which was squelched by the village authorities and driven out of town. There isirt much cliarity left in the world. and the milk of human kindness has about "petered out." Ilard-fisted people refuse alms to able-bodied idlers. Dr. Benj. Conklin, of CassoDolis, brother of Dr. Eb. Conklin, or Manchester, mysteriously disappeared a few evenings ago. Two men stopped him on bis way home from his office, and asked for a prescription. He returned to his office and has not been seen since. The office was ïound somewhat disarranged and his medicine case was there, but nothing has yet given a clew to his disappearance. Foul work is suspected. Wednesday evening, last week, the Saline high school building developed a clear, beautifui llame, which threatened a horrible death to the ancient cockroaches left over from the last school year to await the dinner baskets of this fall's term. The flre department drenched the fire and saved the building, though all the rooms were affected by the scorch. The cause of the flre is supposed to have been the i fall of a blazing meteor down the chimney. It is fortúnate that it did i not fall near Ypsilanti and kill a ■■ horse! ] Lodi republicana will caw-cuss Sept , Mh. Lucen a Potter, of Ypsilanti I ilied Friday uight of paralysis, aged 72 years. Tlie Chelsea fire department and citizens rushed out into the countrj last week and quenched a raaipani kaystack. i AVelling, the photographer, is mak . ing faces at and noc for Manchester No one seemed disposed to build a ; photo gallery and he quito. The preseut school board of Saline is reported to be "a Methodist board in good earnest." The scholars. whTle , warm weaiher lasts. prefer bapti3m by inmersión. i Dennis Leach is carrying himself . around in a slingnow, as the result of some timbera falling on him, wrenching hisshoulder and injuring him oth. erwise.- Clielsea Standard. The fruit tree coramissioners report finding Iots of black knot among the fruit trees of the village. One cotnmissioner marked 113 trees ast Friday. In nearly every garden diseased treeï are found.- Dexter Leader. The poisoner is out looking for dogs in Dexter and the dog ovvners are also looking for the dog poisoner. A meeting between the parties of the second and third parts will be affectiug and full of interest. J. VV. Huil has taken an interest in the evaporator business with Geo. J. Nissly, of this fall'a business. They have canvassed the outlook of fruit and expect to have all the apples they can handle.- Saline Observer. Wm. Campbell and Samuel Webster have each put up $22.50 more this week on the 25-mile race whieh will come off in about a month. This makes $135 iu C. A. Brown's hands on the race. Both men are training.- Times. The enterprising street committee at Manchester will build a marine sidewalk along the pond of "dornicks" enough eau be found to lay the base. Several nundred loads have been dumped in, but the pond seems hungry tor more. On opening school day at Chelsea last week, the crowd of children that gathered on the steps waiting for the door to open, resembled a democratie convention sprinkled with women's rights, waiting for the court house bell to ring thern in. Prof. Whitney informs us that the prospect of a large increase in the High School is very flattering. At this date more applicattous for entrance have been received than ever befóte whicti argües well for the attendance. - Ypsilantian. The Free Methodist conference held in a tent in Milan last week, closed, we are sorry to say, with the editor of the Leader still in the '"gall of bitter ness and the bonds of iniquity"' - or matrimony, or something of that sort. Anyhow there are juát as many quills 011 iiim as ever. The school money surplus in Manchester at the close of the school year was $1.639.22. This with other estiniated resources make up a credit of $ö,!)54.31 and the estimated out-go $4,315.90. Thus there is a good purse behind the intelleetual skull race of Manchester, for next year. J. J. Robison, of Sharon, is weenching 100 acres of svvamp land from the moist hand of nature. The swamp should be capable of yielding a few mastodon skeleton s The mastodon was an insect that floated about in the air of Sharon, before John J. Eobison entered inlo the calculations of that community. The body of the man killed by the cars at Ypsilanti last week was claimed and was buried in Highland cemetery. "But a truoe to the strain for the soul it is sad To thinkthat a heart in humanityclad, Should make like the brute such a desoluteend Aud depart from the ligrht without a friend." Treasurer Logan, of Manchester townstiip, suffers greatly with felons, supposedly the result of constant handling of the town's $10 bilis. Oh, how often it is proved, over and over again, that riches as well as poverty, being misery and it is a neck-and-neck race on the kite-shaped track of distress. Away with the vain glories of this world, and give us a sure cure for a felón! The Ypsilantian sailsintothe Adrián Press concerning the wood pulp industry as affected by tariff legislation, and relying pretty largely on assertiou appears to challenge the Press to contest. In waking up Willard on this ïubject,- our esteemed neighbor may [ind itself in the position of the man of svhom an Irishman said: -'He called 3n me for satisfaction and doied f rom Ion miifih avs it, " Dauger lurks in the setiuctive sweets 1 of the stolen watermelon. It is now alleged that the Dexter baseball club lost the game at Pinckney on account of their abdominal rotundity acquired by euticing a large melón from a farmer's wagon on the way to the ball grounds. Now the Dexter lads may be as innocent as the ''cooper's cow," hut this is the campaign report that is in the air. Mrs. Isa Stewart, the founder of the A. M. E. cburcb in this city, died at her home, 146 Adams street, yesterduy morning. She was 89 years of age and lias been a resident of this city for nearly 60 years, having come here in 1838. The funeral services will take place at her church on Sunday. She leaves two grandchildren, Levi McCuann, of Toronto, Canada, and Georgiana Hayes, of this city. - Washtenaw Times. In Unadilla last week, L. B. Searls. from Tennessee, lectured indefense of the robbers who set upon the man on his way from Jerusalem to Jericho, and beat him, went through him and left him half dead. We cannot blame the lecturer much. Those old-time robbers were infanta in the business coinpared to the tarifl' robbers of the modern United States. The defense is well taken. "Heil on earth" is the sulphurous captionof a Sentinel article of last week. It is to be feared that Bro. Woodruff's religión is beginning to slide out from under him. üntil now, the strongest remark he was ever known to utter was some years ago, when, in a moment of ecstacy he kicked at a dog and took a seat on the sidewalk. And then he merely remarked as he looked up in a sort of grieved rnanner, "Now I dslike anything like this.'' I Mlle. Londendery, from Boston, who i? tnnringr the world on a bicycle whicli tonrshe is to complete in 15 months and hnnji home $10,000 passed throusli 1 psilanti last week. Mlle. was as marl ns a wet pnllet hecanse the wheelmen of the city did not irive her an ovation. The fact that she pot mad is evidenee tliat MH. Londendery ws n imoudent little fooi wbo received all the notiep she deserved. Chelsea will have a nice fair no doubt. The Avarus has taken pains t0 advertise it and pvervhodv should heln make it siicceasful. Sinr-e it does not oonflict with the county fair however. we hardly see whv sonie Chelseaites shonld he so "touohy" lest thev should hy snrnp accident do something to advertise the county fair They should consider thaf the county fair is also the ir fair Ann Arhor does not own or pretend to own the connty fair. At a rpfent meftinar of the Webster Favmers' club. E. A. Nordman, defpndinar foreisrn immieration pröved froni statistics of the consress of prison inspector, that thp most critnp.s were fonimitted hy native ponn'ation pspeciallv nesroes. Bet four shillinas! that neither Mr. Nordman nor anv member of the congress of prison inspector? dare back the sta'-pment in a four-round contest with Peter Sundav night, last week. El Bram, of Manchester, havingr eaten half of a siimmer mincp pie. discovered that he was a bat and could fly. He arose and sailed through his bedroom win1ow, taking the scrpen with him. What he took it for hp don't know. He didn't need it at all. When he struck the arround he found that there was something wrong with the machinery of his winars and that the scrpen had nearly cut his head from the bod v politie. A doctor mended him. Xorvell A. Hawkins, the Detroit embezzler who knocked down $8,000 of Standard Oil funds and was lassoed, was once a resident of Ypsilanti. Tfp wa married and outting a fnll sized sweil on a moderate salary: Thus it sroes. Todav we wearinsr two-story collars and long-tailed cutaways. ippnd other neople's monev and are hiehlv resnected for our ability and honesty, and tomorrow "From the of art eye: in the draft of a ' brsath," we may be eatius; the cold ontatoea aud meat rinds fr)m the sheriff 's table and sleeping on the iron bunk of adversity in the conimon Jail. A slick soapseller sold slick soap, in a slick, soapy style to foolish Fowlerville ladies, promisipg to return and j?ive them their choiee, between a set of dishes, piano lamp, or some similar thing; but he carne not, and the slick soap seller who sold slick soap in a slick soapy style, laughed with the corners .. - . .uuvii i.'"iiv.;'i V4 f3 LUT LUI IIKU up at Chelsea, and began to sell aliek soap ia the self-same sück soapy style: but deputy sheriff Staffan "jumped'his collar" and made it cost him $30, and the slick soap seller who sold sück soap in a sliek soapy style. Iaughed with the corners of bis mouth turned down. B. Benison, of Ypsilanti, went to New York to purchase goods, havirig acomplished which and havin? a little time still left on nis hands bef ore the train moved, he decided to iniprove it by incidentally getting married. Some other sluga-ard would have spent the time in proñtless and enervating tioze, in the depot, with nis neck over an arm of the seat and his mouth open tor a fly trap, to awake at the sound "all aboard for Ypsilanti, and struggle to his feet to discover a bad case of rheumatism in the back of his neck. Not so with Mr. Benison. The bride"s name was Miss Sadie Goldstein.