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ADVA1ÏCE SALE FOB SEPTEMBER. Not in thirty years has there been such an opportunity to purchase Dress Goods as we will give this month. Immense purchase of Foreign and Domestic Dress Goods, not only on a free wool basis, but at a time wheti the manufacturera were anxious to sell at any price to keep the milis busy. READTHELOW FRIGÏIS. 36-inch Wool and Novelty Suitings at 19c a yd. 40-inch All Wool Scotch Suitings, worth 50c at 39c a yd. iO-inch All Wool Fancy French Suitings-worth 50c at 39c a yd. "40-inch All Wool Serges in new Fail shades, very cheap at ] I 40c a yd. 40-inch All Wool Henriettas iti choice shades at 40c a yd. 45-inch All Wool French Serges worth 75c at 50c a yd. 40-inch Covert Cloth Suitings, very choice, at 50c a yd. 45-inch Novelty and Fancy Boucle Suitings, a bargain at 50c a yd. 50-inch Covert Cloth Suitings, worth $1.00, 'at 75c a yd. 45-inch Silk and Wool French Suitings at $1.00 a yd. 45 inch All Wool Storm Serge, the 78 cent quality at 'fiQc '$7.00 buys choice of 25 8-yard pattern French Suitings- no two alike. 50 Pieces New Black Dress Goods. In Henriettas, Serges, Yenetiati Cloth, Storm Serges, French Cords, Figured Serges, Figured Mohairs, Armures, Covert Suitings, Crape Cloths and Silk Warp Henriettas at 3 39c, 5Oc, 65c, 75c and $l.O0 a yd. I NEW BLACK SILKS j OPEN FOK THIS SALE Black Satin Duchesse, extra value, at $1.00 a yd. Black Pure Silk Pean-de-Soie, worth $1.35, at $1.00 a yd. Black Silk Fine Crystal Cords, a bargain at $1.00 a yd. 30-inch Lyons Dyed Black Habutai Silks at 50c and 75c yd. LADIES: You are invited to make our Dress Goods Department a Special Calland examine the New Styles. l H AIKhn -í$T lÍÚ Ihtè Low Uuliülllllll wi ifiillliljll, Prices. ■iiiwiiMiHM 11 hui mnr iigmMn ""


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