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Populist Peters Convenes

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Protnptly as the gong in the pagoda of court house square struck the hour of eleven, Tuesday, Populist Peters ascended the judgment seat and rapped himself to order. As soon as he had become quiet, he arose, knocked an irredeemable rheumatic unlimited coinage fly off his nose, and said he had called himself to order for the purpose of nominating a populist county ticket and two candidates for representative in the legislature. Then Mr. Peters discovered, as his eyes grew accustomed to the room, that there were sixteen others present. He said he feit that it was good to be there and that we were taught to "despise not the day of smal! things. " He said he had faith that the populists would win this fall, and his prayer was that his faith might go on increasing till, as the bible said, it would become even as large as a grain of mustard seed which the fowls of the air lodged in their "crops". The applause that greeted this speech made the cockroaches gallop down the cracks. Mr. Peters also said that where two or three populists were gathered together, there would he be in the midst of them, you bet, and the convention went wild with delight. Herman Hutzel was present, and explained to the speaker that he was willing to be converted to populism ïf he could be convinced that the orator's ism would increase prices. Mr. Peters produced a populisl arithmetic and showed Mr. Hutzel by triangulation that twice two made five and that all these years since figures were invented the arith metics had been way off. Mr. Hut zei is now under conviction of pop ulism, but has not yet received his sentence. On motion of E. A. Nordman Mr. Peters was made temporary chairman, and the usual committee were appointed, after which th convention was an hungered anc adjourned for dinner. On reassembling the committee on permanent organization reported, making Chas. D. Johnson, of Scio, chairman, and Nelson E. Freer, of ima, secretary. The committee on credentials reported no contested delegations, and the chairman of the committee on resolutions verbally reported recommending the endorsement of he Omaha platform. A resolution of more or less thanks was also passed at different times thanking he Argus for the correct reports theretofore giveñ of the populist gatherings. The Argus hereby jlushinglv acknowledges the comsliment paid it, and assures the Drethren that it will always try to merit the esteem in which it is held 3y the populist pursuasion throughout the Sahara desert and the South Sea Isles, where the party blossoms in its greatest strength. The convention squared away and nominated the following ticket: Sheriff - Charles D. Johnson, Scio. Clerk - Russell C. Reeves, Scio. Register of Deens - Alex H. Brooks, Sharon. Treasurer - E. A. Nordman, Lima. Prosecuting Attorney - Nelson E. Freer, Lima. Circuit Court Commissiouers - To be filled by the com. Coroners - Levi S. Miles and James Morrison, Scio. Surveyor - George Augus. Peters, Scio. Representative, ist Dist. - Eruil Zuikey, Freedom. Representative, 2d Dist. - Chas. A. Ballard, Sharon. At one point the nominations reached such a degree of enthusiasm that Mr. Peters was proceeding in terms of enraptured eloquence to name a candidate for probate judge, when he suddenly paused and :laimed: "O hold on! Come to think about it, this is not the year to elect a probate judge." He regretted rauch the sad waste of oratory, and then Mr. Nordman moved that any populist who refused to run should be fined $25 for the benefit of the campaign fund, and pitched into the Huron river, "where the Salvation army ebbs and flows twice every year." All attempts at fusión failed, although Mr. Parker, of Lima, moved that three ñames be presented to the democratie county committee for ratification as the fushion candidate for the legislature from the First district, on the condition that no populist candidates be nominated for the county offices. The names suggested by Mr. Parker were those of Messrs. Peters, Nordman and Whitaker. Mr. Peters responding to his nomination tor surveyor, made a graceful speech, in which he pleaded guilty to capacity to survey anything from theboundless heretofore to the limitless and unbounded hereafter. Adjourned.


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