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Senatorial Convention

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The senatorial convention for the tenth district including the counties of Jackson and Washtenaw was held Wednesday in Manchester. It was called to order at n o'clock and a eraporary organization eftected by he election of J. Lake, of Jackson, hairman and Eugene Oesterlin, of his city, secretary. The usual ommittees were then appointed, fter which a recess of ten minutes was taken in order to give the commi'tees time to prepare their reports. Vhen the convention reassembled he reports of the committees were istened to, the temporary urganization was made permanent and business was proceeded with. Tellers having been appointed, the announcement was made that the convention was ready for nominations. Thereupon Congressman Gorman took the floor and in a neat speech placed in nomination Capt. C. H. Manly, of Ann Arbor. Mr. Stebbins performed a like service for J. H. Lowden, of Ypsilanti, and Chris Salev nominated Col. Fenn. The ballot stood as follows: Manly 16 Fenn 13 Lowden 10 There was no change on the second and third ballots. A recess was then taken for dinner. On re-assembling at 2 o'clock a number of prominent old-time democrats were invited to seats on the rostrum, and the convention then proceeded to take another ballot. The votes were cast for nearly as many different candidates as there were delegates. Another ballot was then ordered, and Hon. Chas. H Manly was made the nominee, and afterwards his nomination was made inanimous. The nominee was :alled for and responded in his usual ïappy manner. Mr. Barkworth was ilso called out, and made a red-hot, attling democratie speech. Con;ressman Gorman also made a speech, and everybody was highly pleased with the work of the day. A. campaign committee was named md organized by the election of Frank P. Bogardus, of Ypsilanii, chairman, and Mr. Hunt. of Jackson, secretary, after which the convention gave three rousing cheers for the nominee and adjourned.


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