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Thursday witnessed a great gathering of the cohorts of Washtenaw's G. O. P. (Go 011 to Pieces). They came with stomachs ravening for the county offices, and actually making believe that they expected to get some of them this fall. Fatal delusion ! They first lined up on Huron street, and looked several times at Glaser's Baltimore mud turtle, after which, at the tap of the cow-bell, all assembled in the court hbuse, and were called to order by chairman Prettymen, of the county committee, who called Hon. E. P. Allen, to the chair. The captain said some very unpretty things about the democrats, and was followed by Hon. A. J. Sawyer.. Hon. H. W. Newkirk, of Dexter, and others, all of whom sailed into the poor democrats. and tried to hurt their ings. Committee on permanent organization: James D. Gilbert, G. F. Allmendinger, George Rawson, J. B. VVortley, Charles Canfield, Geo. S. Wheeler, and Nathan Pierce. Credentials committee: H. W. Newkirk, J. H. Kingsley, H. S. Dean, G. Burkhart, and K. Campbell. Committee of "Resolooters": E. F. Johnson, W. M. Osband, John Essig, A. F. Freeman, andG. Hoyt. Gen. Spalding appeared and was given an ovation. He spoke briefly, saving his chief thunder for the afternoon. George Wheeler, of Salem, abused the democrats some, after which a jump was made for the hotels and restaurants. AFTER THE WALNUTS AND THE WINE. "The gentlemen will please be in order," thundered the caliope voice of Capt. Allen as he rapped the afternoon session to silence and directed democrats to take the front chairs, remarking: "I want them on the anxious seat." The captain then referred to the "squawbucking" of the second congressional district, by a recent legislature, but the republicans, iike Grant, had taken up their bridges behind them and would win if it should take 17 or 18 years. The Grant of the second district was Gen. Spaulding, whom he would now introduce. The general was handy by. He carne loaded with a speech. He said he would not discuss the mentary principleg or the tantt. Here the speaker moistened his hands, rolled up his sleeves, and grasping a hair ia the tail of the British lion, braced both feet and tugged till red in the face. He was a protectionists, but could admit articles free, not produced here, and protect home productions. Then the general unrolled that same oíd bloody shirt that years and years ago had been furled and laid away by republican speakers who were not south-haters for partisan ends. There was little applause. The general next passed to finance and declared himself a bimetalist, and never a believer in the Sherman law. He would remonetize silver and if foreign silver was ofered, put a tariff on it. He would not say he favored a ratio of 16 to i but wanted gold, silver and paper made equal by legislation. Passing to pensions, General Spaulding said the present administration had made the badge of the G. A. R. the badge of pauperism and brigandage. At the close of the general's speech and the filling of vacancies in delegations, the chairman of the committee on resolutions "resolved" on the old "point with pride" chestnut line. The production was consid ered as containing about the right quantity of vitriol for the poor democrats and the proper glorification of the G. O. P. Nominating a sheriff was then in order. C. E. Hiscock naraed Geo. M. Clarken, of Ann Arbor, but admitted that he had not been a republican maiiy years. A. W. Wilkinson, of Scio, offered the name of Wm. Judson, of Sylvan. John R. Miner, of Ann Arbor, presented the name of Alvah B. Ferguson, of Ann Arbor. Col. Dean, with his usual nickelplated oratory, offered the name of Wm. E. Stocking, of Lima. FIRST BALLOT. Clarken 25 lurlson 130 Ferguson 13 Stocking 52 The nomination was made unanimutis. While the counting of the ballots was in progress, Mr. Newkirk, of Dexter, nominated George H. Pond for county clerk, and declared him " a darned good fellow and would be elected if nominated." Mr. Jones, of Saline, a democrat recently coaied with republican shellac, took the floor and offered the name of John Cook, of York. J. M. Campbell, of Augusta, presented William Dansingburg. Andrew Campbell, of Pittsfield, brother of the first Campbell, said the convention under-estimated the strength of the enemy. The republican party had been sunk by the methods it had adopted. He " whaled the stuffing" out of the republican rings, and laid about right and left - with a stout club. The convention winced and was glad when he quit. He finally got down to regular business and named Martin F. Case, ot Pittsfield. Ballot: Pond 94 Cook 39 Dansingburg 57 Case 27 No choice. Nominations for Register - Mr. Griffin, of Ypsilanti, offered George A. Cook. Mr. Osband warraly seconded him. David Edwards, of Ypsilanti, named C. P. McKinstry. A formal ballot for clerk was ordered, with Pond, Cook and Dansingburg still in the field. Result: Pond 85 Cook 39 Dansingburg 88 It had now become interesting. Mr. Pond withdrew his name. Mr. Cook also withdrew, and Mr. Dansingburg was nominated by acclamation. Ballot for Register: Case io Cook 95 McKinstry 109 Mr. McK.instry's nomination was made unanimoas. For county treasurer, Mr. Johnson, of Ann Arbor, presented John Heinzmann, of Ann Arbor. Mr. Freeman. of Manchester, named Wm. H. Rehfuss. Mr. Jones, of Saline, offered Ed. A. Hauser. Geo. S. Wheeler, of Salem, presented Perry Townsend, of Superior. Ballot: Heinzmann 61 Rhefus 87 Hauser 31 Townsend 31 Mr. Hauser and Mr. Townsend veré withdrawn. Second ballot: Heinzmann 62 Rhefus i42 Rhefus was acclimated. For prosecuting attorney, Fred C. Brown, of Ann Arbor, named Andrew E Gibson. Mr. Childs, of Ann Arbor, offered Seth C. Randall. Ballot: Gibson 52 Randall 143 Scattering 1 Mr. Gibson moved Randall's nomination by acclamation. So done. Fred Webb, of Ypsilanti, was named for one circuit court commissioner, and O. E. Butterfield, of Ann Arbor, the other. Harrison Ball, of Ann Arbor, was nominated for one coroner and Dr. W. R. Barton, of Ypsilanti, the other. Jerome Allen, of Ypsilanti, was named for surveyor by acclamation. Adjourned.


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