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Charlie Jacobs Arrives

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That extensive western traveler, Charlie Jacobs, arrived home Monday evening, fresh from "chasing the antelope over the plain, and bindingthe tiger's whelpwith achain. The wild gazelle, with its silvery feet, they gave him for a playmate sweet." Some of this isn't strictly so. We borrowed the tiger's whelp from Ringling's menagerie for this occasion, and the sweet eyed gazelle "with silvery feet," was, in reality, a common, everyday mountain goat, with an odor like a greenbackers' convention. However, when such accompainments are necessary to the passion of the play the Argus always furnishes them, regardless of cost. Charlie and his party saw some pretty close-fitting times, now and then - especially then - when the company pawned their guns for buffalo beef to keep from starving. The entire crowd appears to have been hopelessly addicted to the food habit. The now famous western traveler brought home his appetite, a Htof good health and spirits, a car load of experience, and some choice narratives, captured here and there in the western United States and British America. His friends are glad to see him.


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