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Through a series of blunders a' report has been started and is going the rounds of the press that does Miss Emma E. Bower, the great record keeper of the Ladies of the J Maccabee, a great injustice. The : report is to the effect that she is S7,ooo short in her accounts with the order. Miss Bower was seen by a representative of the Republican Tuesday afternoon and she gave the ' following explanation of the report: The report is without foundation. The truth of the matter is that her predecessor in office, Mrs Ada L. Johnson, of Buffalo, N. Y., was short in her accounts over $2,000. By someone's blunder the name of Miss Bower was connected with the! detïciency, the amount was exagerated, and so the story went. The financial condition of the order was never better, and when the public understand that over $3,000 of oíd bilis have beenpaidl by the new administration, for debts i contracted by the ex-great record keeper, Mrs. Ada L. Johnson, t ie ! circulation of a rumor that Miss 1 Bower is short in her accounts is easily explained. The Johnson case will come before the great hive for j settlement. This rumor which has done Miss Bower so rauch injustice had its origin in an Ohio paper. It is to be hoped that this explanation will be copied as freely as the rumor has


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