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Guts. Acorns. Balm of Gilead. Tea, Dragon's Blood. Palm Leaf Fans, Coffee. Divi-Divi and Arrow Root. Sugar, Bladders, Asafoetida. Burgundy, Pitch, Fossils, Leeches, Beeswax, Seaweed, Joss Sticks Sauerkraut. THE ÜEMOCRATIC FREE LIST. Raw Wool, Silk, Lumber, Cotton Ties, Binding Twine, Tree and Ship Timber, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Fish, Tallow, Hides, Plants, Phosphates, India Rubber. - New York Mercury. The late republican tariff, hnppily deceased, gave the sugar trubt free raw material and half a cent a pound protection on réfined sugar, with a bounty of two cents a pound to domestic producers. A more 1 just law was never enacted. It was both direct and indirect taxation, with no pretense of public revenue, solely for private gain. The result was to take $20,000,000 a year from the people for the benefit of the trust and $12,000,000 more for bounties, and practically put nothing into the treasury. The present bill, with its concession of one-fifth of a cent a pound differential, will put #40,000,000 a year into the treasury and save $12,000,000 in bounties. We do not propose to make any defense of the sugar schedule, but we deny the right of any republican to criticise it. It is a relie of republicanism which must


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