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The widow of the late Congresscian Beaman, of Adrián, died last Saturday. The Fowlerville Observer man knows of an old mare "that can kick the glimmer off the stars." The gospel sun may not shine at South Lyon, but Rev. N. L. Moon is there to shed glimmers of reflected light in that village. Fr. Ternes, of Adrián, will deliver an English address on " Education," at the meeting of Germán societies at Monroe, Oct. 14. It is thought that the rigors that have seized on the second district republicans since the nomination of Barkworth, will result in "augecake." Farmer Basset, of Novi, fed his hogs a heavy breakfast of peas. They didn't ask for dinner, and at night eight of them passed peas-fully to the gruntless hereafter. If a stray vest with a gold watch and chain in it, has broken into anybody's inclosure, it probably belongs to S. G. Fishbeck, of Howell. He has lost some property of the above description. J. W. Clapp, of Wixom, was badly bitten by one of his ugly boars at the state fair Wednesday. The animal took first prize immediately afterward and Mr. Clapp feit better. - Northville Record. Rev. Thorpe, who was Barkworth's competitor in the populist congressional nomination, has been named for state senator by his party. There is no doubt in the world but he'll get there. Sartingly. They have heard of it at Clinton. The Local says : "The Washtenaw county fair is niaking preparations for the grandest fair ever held in Ann Arbor. A liberal amount of prizes and speed purses will be hung up. Hamburg, which has so long thirsted for a second saloon, now beholds the fruition of this dearest dcsire, and all the old bums promptly stepped up to the bar and took the oath of allegiance, with a little sugar. Wind wrenched a huge branch from a tall tree by the Norvell church a few days ago. Though the broken limb rested all its hopes on the church the brethren wouldn't have it so. It was removed with rpes. On the 24Ü1, Milford will vote on the question of bonding the village for $6,000 to induce a manufacturing company to lócate there. The fact that the village cannot legally bond for such a purpose will cut no figure. The Lenawee county drain commissioner has opened nineteen new drains this season and thus far has not been shot, whipped by whitecaps or hit witb a rock. This is a good showing under the circumstances. ira Boardman is an ex-editór, of Petersburgh. He sold out his paper and concentrated all his energies on raising a muskmelon, which has just been stolen, and the approaching winter has a gloomy outlook for Boardman. The editor of the Holly Independent has discovered an insect with the wings and legs of the grasshopper, the claws of the mole, and the tail of the lizzard. He considers it one of the worst things that ever crawled up his pants-leg. A hawk with a five-foot wingspread, was shot in Ingham county last week, by W. M. Wise, a Lansïng taxidermist, who will mount the specimen. It should be set up in the governor's room, to make him hawk-eyed. He lacks a hawk-eve. Postmaster Kishpaugh, of Clinton is thoroughly refitting and repainting the interior of the office. One of the minor benefits of democratie dominance will be the plastering in of some of the cockroaches of the late republican administration. Harold Hunt, of Adrián, winked . nis right eye and laughed out of the left corner of his mouth as he grabbed a hot inshoot from a base ball bat. He now winks the left eye i(the other cannot be wunk) and laughs out of the right corner of his mouth. Caleb Bates, of near Osseo, lias had two cows killed by lightning, each on a different occasion, and each standing exacty where the other stood at the moment of the stroke. Teil us no more that "lightning never strikes twice in the same place." Lightning at Plymouth, last week, -■nade a fashionable cali on Mrs. Heide and daughter, coming in by ■way of the chimney, which it took along in a pulverized condition, and passing out the stove, knocked Mrs. ;and Miss Heide flat on the floor, rïnd departed. ■ Dogs riddled the flock of sheep owned by G. H. Taylor, of Novi. laylor's own dog was discovered in Sïie aítacking forcé and was killed. He had intended sneaking to the house and laying it all on the other dogs, but delayed for an extra mouthful and was lost. The Livingston Republican rises and in behalf of the small boy extends thanks to the village council for erecting a little bell at the corner of the council room, where the "kids" can pound it half the night, to the utter destruction of sleep. Vhare ish der marshal? Nelson Harriman, of Durand, showed his neighbor his nice, new 22-calibre rifle. The neighbor admired it and also received a bullet in the groin as evidence that the thing would go off when called on to do so, and sometimes without an invitation. Harriman did know it was loaded. Rev. B. Hudson has closed his Iabors at Norvell and Grass Lake, and gone to Boston to take a theological course. Perhaps he thinks that Boston theology beats that of Hillsdale, Albion or Adrián, but we can teil him like this, that it will smell too much of codfiish to suit this western country. A. H. Curtis' drove of hogs have been sick in a manner which could not be accounted for, and six died the forepart of the week. A postmortem examination revealed that the passage from the stomach was packed hard with sand eaten by them in the field in which they were fed. - Dundee Reporter. Mrs. Miller is a poor Ridgeway widow, whose only streak of good luck this season was a fine erop of peaches. Somebody with a soul so small that millions like it could dance on the point of a cambric needie, has stolen the widow's mite. Still they do teil us there is no furnace in the hereafter. A man bound from the Indian reservation to Jerusalem was in the city today. He's going from bad to worse. - Ann Arbor Argus. That clears Northville all right enough unless he changes his mind and concludes to go from bad to better. - Northville Record. Why, as to that, it would be a matter of opinión. Únele Enoch Curry, of Pinckney, arose the other night to let his little dog out door, and missing his footing, slid feet first down stairs, sitting down on each individual step as he proceeded, fortunately without injuring any of thetn. He was mad enough to have killed the dog, but the cur slunk away and in the darkness could not be found. A. P. Faling, of the Petersburg Sun, stealthily crept over the Mon roe boundary, a few days ago, and started a branch newspaper at Britton, to be known as the Britton Journal. It is devoted to the interests of base ball, religión, politics, etc., etc., and the current local news of Britton and vicinity. E. V. Lenardson is the local news skirmisher. A poor fellow with a badly burned arm, a thrilling narration of a boiler explosión, and out of work, with a dead mother to support, drew tears and money from Tecumseh the other day till the heartless marshal run him in for a fraud. It was then found that the fellow had burned his arm with carbolic acid, and covered it with sweet oil to give it a white, raw appearance. He got ten days in . A correspondent of the Lapeer Clarion writes that there is not much profit in free wool. This man knows all about war although he never cocked a cannon. He probably never saw a pound f free wool in his Ufe, unless he has done so very recently; and he should not disrecollect to remember that the price of free wool is looking toward heaven and not in the opposite direction. George C. Smith, once the very unassuming and gentlemanly private secretary of Gov. Croswell, drifted westward and became a dignitary in the Gould railroad system. Deeming that in a certain transaction he had not been properly treated, he resigned his position and a salary of #10,000, and has just been elected president and general manager of the Western Railway of Alabama, and of the Atlanta and West Point Railroad. Moral: If you are not suited, and are a big enough man, kick! Sometimes the night pólice of Adrián are detected in the act of being awake, and when this occurs something happens, as for instance: A few nights ago, this wakeful feeling being on, the sleuths of the night discerned about three o'clock in the morning that burglars had broken into Stebbins' furniture store. They drew their clubs and revolvers, made a rush and collared Ed. Stebbins, one of the firm, who was busy getting a special invoice of goods ready for an early overland shipment.


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