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Heliograph Record Broken

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DKNVKB, Sept.. 0. - AU records for Ion? distauce heliograpii sigualiug hdve beea broken by the Uuited States army sigual corps, a message havmg beea sent by sua flashes from Mouut Uuoompaghre, Colo., tu Mouat E:1bü, Utali, a distancia oí IS miles, by Captain GUs.sford. chief signal officBr, Uuited States ariuy, departmenc ol the Colorado aad Ui assistants. Th bost ormer record w:w luó miles. ted the following minortty report: "We beliere in honest tuonay, the coinage oí gold aod silver, and a circulatiug medium couvertible into such money without loss. We are opposed to free, uuliinited and independent comage of zilver at the present ratio of 14 to 1. Wi favor the coinage of süver umler suchTIüisl.itive restrictions tt will maint.aiu U? uirculatioD of both gold and silvnr on a pirity, and we reaffirm the doctrine of tüe natioual Democratie platíorm oí 1892 upoa the subfect of currency and money." As the free silvor question was switched into the discuasioa on the senatorial matter there was little discussion on ït, the minonty report beino; defeated by a vote of 46 to 319. The platform as amended was toen adopted. The following ticket was nominated: For secretary of state, Miltoa Turner, of Gnerusey: j idge of the supreme court, James D Ermiston.of Hamiltou; member of the board of public worka, Harry B. Keftdr, oí ïuscarawas; state commissioner of conmiou schools, Dr. J. A. Leech, of Pranklln. Senator Brice left for the east last nijrht. T!ii state central committee elected the foUowinK ex?cutive committee: Chairlunn, Alten W. Thurman, Columbus; temporary secretajy, W. C. Gear, of Vyandotte county; Judge Lewis D. Rucker, ot Mnnsfield; W. E. üecker, of Pauhling; D. H. MilliRan, of Belmonr; Judge F. M. Hagan, of Springfleld; H. H. Beach, of Coshocton; L. G. Beruard, of Ciuciunati; Süurift" W. R. Ryan, of Cuyahogo county; Kenry Apthorp, of Ashtabula, and VV. J. Mason, of Muskingum.


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