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If there was anything that this city needed, it was one thing tnore than another. In the estimation of the Courier, a '-long-t'elt want" existed which only a new daily could fill. It carae Tuesday and everybody exclainied, iike the voung lady with an unexnected proposal, "This is so sudden!" The Daily Courier is a four-page publicatiun, and resembles its mother, the Weekly Courier, so closely that no one who has seen the offspring doubts her honesty for an instant. It has her i'ayes" for republicanism, her '"noes" for democracy, and' her mouth in politics! And that chin, too! It is "chin-chin" for high tariff, and it yells for that which "infant industries" all cry for. O, it's its mother's child, all right enough. With such pronounced parentage it couldn't beal Iike anything else. It's a pretty "pond" lily. The staff of the new comer embraces George H. Pond as editor, E. J. Ottoway, assistant editor, with Mr. Beal back of it financially. lts birth was sudden. The fact that it was to be born was kept a family secret. Consequence was, scarcely anybody was present, and the new arrival itself apologizes for its hasty looks and other evidences of unlooked for suddenness. It announces, however, that it "has come to stay." The Argus extends congratulations and welcomes the new corner to this democratie literary bureau. It has a bright, clean face, is as f uil of grit as a chicken's gizzard, and the Argus hopes it will prosper. Rightly handled the Daily Courier should secure a place in the hearts of the faithful, and also become a useful purveyor of the local news of the day. The Argus gives its mother and friends notice right here and now, however, that if they allow that child to come into this sanctum and act naughty politically, or fire paperwads at the democratie candidates, it will go out of here soundly spanked and told to go home, get something for its wounds, and learn better manners. With two wideawake dailies in the city the Argus (semi-weekly; $i a year, best paper in the city, and largest circulation in the county) feels that it is in iolly company, and enjoys the situation. Welcome to the new Daily C√ľurier ! although it is with a pang that the Argus contemplates the repetition by the Daily Times and Daily Courier, of the melancholy incident of the Brattlejoro snakes, which seized each other ay the tails and began swallowing. Each finally swallowed the other, and there was an end of both.


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