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A Nevada Joke

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Nothing eau bo inore interesting in aa ordinary way thaa the fate of practical jokers. Shooters r.nd sportsmeu generally will appreciate the latest f rom Eureka, Nev. Bent on landing game, a visitor held forth in his hotel with regard to his ability to bring quail to earth. Among the audience was a wag, who, being a sport himself, was desirous of testing the foreiguer's ability as a shot. "Wo do not sboot quail, " said he, "we bag thera, and if you want to go out you may do so tonight and see better iun than any gun cun furnisb. ' ' Accordingïy the soi di.:ant gamester iourneyed out irom a small hotel in Nevada to see the extraordinai'y plan by which quail could be "bagged" atnighttime. The party walkeel two miles into the hills and arrauged a trap by laying down 30 pieces of candle in V shape. "Into this, " they explained, "we drive the quail, and one of us hold.s a sack at the end of the V, into which the quail run." By n previons arrangement an argument was connnenced as to who should have the honor of holding the sack and sacuriug the birds while the remainder aid thu hard work of beating them toward the tiap. When the point was apparsutly settled, one of the party said: "No, this is not fair. Mr. de is our guest, and as such is entitled to hol d the sack. " Generously enough, to the boasting sportsman was given the honor of holding a bag bound at the mouth to a hoop so as to catch the birds. All the others left to beat up quail. For throe hours the visitor faithfully held that sack, and when the last candle burned out he fouud himself in the midst of a lonely valley, which was full of deserted shaf ts and other dangeróns holes, two miles from auy house and surrounded by a darkness which resembles a stack of black uats. When he arrived at this hotel and found that his cohunters had been there enjoyiug the joke tor hours, he sitnply went to bed and wept. He sold his gun next nioruing and left for California - a state where, he says, "p'eoplo would not do such athing. "


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