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Proceedings Of The Board Of Public Works

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I OFFICIAL. 1 OFFICE OF the Board of Priti.ic Works, I Ann Arbor, Oct. 17, 1894. i Regular session. Called to order by President Clark. Roll called- Present .Messrs. Clark ind Jínllis. Absent Mr. Schuh. Minutes oí' the previous meeting read and approved. ïhe Clerk reported thatthe Conomoii Council had appropriated $500 lor the giading of E. Catherine and Thirteenth streets, on south-west sides of the University Ilospitals. Mr. Bullís moved that the Street Conimissioner proceed at once in putting down cement crosswalk on the south side of Ann street, across Main street. Adopted as l'ollows : Yeas- Messrs. Clark and Bullis. Mr. Bullis moved that the Street Commissioner proceed without delay and do the necessary giading on E. Catherine and Thirteenth streets, also notit'y Secretary Wade, so that the coping and paving the gutters may be done at the same time. Adopted as follows: y eas- Messrs. Clark and Bullis. Mr. Bullis moved that Mr. ilutzel have the use of curb screws and tooi box, temporarily. Yeas- Messrs. Clark and Bullis. By Mr. Bullis: Resolved, That the sevver contracto ra be allovved only to use the Dearborn Wagner bliek in constructing the man-holes in the Liberty street and Washington street sewers, said brick to be inspected and accepted bv the Sewer Inspector. Should the contractor desire, he may present any other brick tor acceptance by the Board and that a certiíied copy of this resolution be served on the sewer contractors. Adopted as follows: ye;ls_Messrs. Clark and Bullis. By Mr. Bullis : Resolved, That the sewer contractors be informed by personal service of a certified copy of this resolution that the Board of l'ublic Works are not satisfled with the Jackson tile now being used by the contractors, as they do not stand the crushingtest that the Board thiuk requisite. Also, that. the Board are satistied with the tile inanufactured by the Ohio Valley Fire Co., and if the contraetors wish tj use any other brand the same may be presented to tliis Board for their consideration. Adopted as follows: Yeas- Messrs. Clark and Bullis. On motion, the bidsfor the construction of plank walks were opened and nspeetéU. Mr. Bullis moved, thrr iiui of ïeo. Kirn be accepied and reported to lip Co tn ra o n Council tor approVHl. Adopted ks folio ws: Yeas- Messrs. Clark and Huliis. On motion, the Board adjourned. Clerk.


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