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Dress Of Montenegrin Women

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The dress of the women throughout Montenegro varies but shghtly, and as 110 distinction of rank exists the only difference between the garmeuts of the rich and tlie pooier classes consists in the scperior lineness of the materials used, or in the quaiitity or quality of the ornaments. Their dress is siinply a long flowing white oamieia, girdled by a black sash. Black and wliite are the national colors ót the Mantenegrina Some of the women weur a beavy leatheru girdle set with three or four rows of large oarnelian stoues, some times fastened in front by a massive autique silver clasp. A simple piece of black cloth is au additiou worn on the head by the older matrona. Montenegro is everywhere mountainoos. As a precantion agaiust invasión there are no roads, and carts are imknown. ïhe goods of the country are carried to Cattaro by the women, aided ocoaeionally by mules. They are kuit together in clans and families and have many f ends among themselves. ïhe men are armed even when engaged in agrionltural ations.


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