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Mob Law In Ohio

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Washington Couethouse, O., Oct. ís.- Williinn Dolby, Colored, who one weck ugo erimlnally assaulted Mrs. Mary C. Boyd, aged ."";, at Parrot's station noar here, was captured at Delaware, O., and brought into court at 4 o'cloci yeatorday afternoon. He pleaded guilty and was sentcncod to twenty years in thc pebltentiary. Ii was a ra-c of railroading, a spceial grand jury having been summoned for the cxpress purpoge of ir.ilicting the prisoner, whieh it did promptly - it would llave In-ra as inuch as its members' lives were worth to have done othevwisc. The negro was promptly tried, ple;ided guilty and generally everything that could legally be done to calm the mob spirit was done. But th(; mob wanted blood. Nothing else would satisfy it and it gathered about tlie jail lirst and then about the court room denianding the "nigger." Called for Military Protection. This being the case Sheriff Cook called out the local militia company Tuesdry evening, and with it guarded the jail. This action niakiug it mosre diffieult for the molí to have its way, of eourse inreased its fury, and Governor McKinlcy wus tppealed to for additional assistance, aud troops from Columbas were sent here yesterday morning, Colonel Coitincommand. The mob surrounding the jail and court house attcmpteiï to take Dolby i'rom the officcrs when removed f rom the jail to the court house for trial, but were kept at bay by thefree useof bayonetsandclubbed guns. While bringing him from the jail the mob charged and almost succeeded in getting him. Henry Kirk, the brother-inlaw of the assaulted woman, was knockcd down the steps and badly bruiswl. Another man was bayonetted through the finger, while a bayonet was thrust through the clothes of another. Kevolvers in tíie Court lloom. Deputies with revolvers drawn guarded the prisoner in the court room. Dolby oried like a baby and kept looking around for help. Soldiers were marched in to keep the erowd quiet. Ai'ter the sentence the prisoner was taken to the grand jury room. A mob gathored about the court house and the olïicers were powerless to get Dolby from the court house to the jail, or to the train, aud Sheriff Cook wired the governor to send more troops. The mob grow rapidly in numbers and desperation. Colonel Coit made a speech asking the crowd to disperse, but it was reccived with jecrs. The prisoner was prostrate from fear, and lay erying and moaning all the time. Troops Fire on the Rioters. The mob kcpt Dolby and his guards prisoners in the court house until ö p. m., and then made an attack. The militia repelled them without Uring at flrst, but at 6:45 p. m. one gang of rioters att cked tlie south door and another the nortli door simultaneously and the south door was forced open. Somo one threw a stone at Co',inel Coit; and he cried out that at the init stone thrown he would order the men to fire. The open door gave on the street, which was iilied with women and children, many yelling, "Give us the nigger." Another stone was thrown and the troops tired, not on the attacking party it seems, but as usual, over their hcads.


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