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Result Of The Volley

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At any rate not a man ot the real rioters was hit, bit the vollcy dealt death and wounds among the people who were looking on. Tvvo were killed outright and four more were fatally woimded, one having sincc died. The killed are: Smlth Welsh, agod 10, and Jesse Judy. Mack Johnson, of Williamsburg, Brown county, died in n hour. William Sams, shot through the bowels, fatally; George Keating, aged 14, shot through both lcgs and groin, will die; F. L. Nitterhouse, an old and prominent citizen, shot through both ankles. A full list of the woundrd eannot be had as tliey were taken away promptly, but the following are known: Theo. Ammennan, Dial Parrett, John McCune, John Korn, Karnest Ellis, Frank Smith. L'pon the ñring the mob dispersed in all directions, and immediately all places of business in the city were shut up. Mayor Creamer pereniptorily closed all places where liquors were sold. Every strect was fllled with people. Mothcrs, sisters, wives, sweethearts crowded around the dead and woundcd and added pathos to the scène and lire to the rage of the mob by thoir lamentations. Agttlnst the militia the indignation was bitter, vicious, and velu-ment. It pervaded all classes. As the time passed the mob grew in size and fury. All over the country by telephone, by courier andby electrio wires the news hal sped. All the roads leading to the city were fllled with men on horseback, in wagons and on foot, hurrying with all poBSlbls speed to the scène of bloodshed. Meanwhile in Washington Courthouse a search was going on for arms and anmiunition and for dynamite. Shouts were heard, "Down with the militia;" "Blow up the dogs along with the black fiend." These shouts but feebly expreesed the pent-up passion of everybody, for every body was in the street and all weremembers of the mob as far as personal feeling was concerned. Men moved about as if bent on business, but said nothing. There is no doubt a purpose to blow up the, court house. At 11:80 last night the mob was diminishing and it is believcd that when the Cincinnati regiment arrivés and the prisoner is taken to Columbus on a special all trouble will be over. During the night the soldiers in the jail firod on all surpicious persons, as they feared the jail would bê blown up with dynamite.


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