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The Lake Shore company has no Icpot at Tecumseh. It is doing business there in a hand car house, and a beautiful sweat-box it is ! Burt Oles, an epileptic in the Monroe county house, feil last week and striking a piece of crockery his nose was cut off close to the face. Every nominee for congress in the fourth district is a doctor. The unhappy voters of that district must take their physic whoever is elected. The Petersburgh Sun is sowing the seeds of tragedy in the hearts of local talent, and a nuraber of stage murders are expected during the present season. A. few persons from here took the Wabash for the McKinley meeting at Adrián, Thnrsday forenoon. The Lake Shore didn't sell a single ticket at this station, and that extra coach had a dismal look. - Morenci Observer. What .' .' Lindholm, embezzling republican ex-deputy secretary of state, arrived at Lansing in custody of an officer. Lindholm does not put up the charitable defense his friertds make for him. He evidently had rather be called a knave than a fooi. Mr. Pattengill, of the School Moderator, remarks that " any school teacher that does not know the words of 'America' would do well to pack up his satchel and start for Korea." Minister Sill shall hear about this, when he gets back. A railroad man was approached by a sweet salvation army sister at Corunna. "Are you a Christian?" she kindly asked. "Nuh, ee am a Swede." "Wouldn't you like to work for Jesús?" "No," was the gruff rejoinder. "Ee haf a yob wid de Ann Arbor railroad." - Adrián Telegram. A Montgomery man last week walked twenty miles and woke up the county clerk in the night for a marriage license. He got it, and walked back the same night. Love like that ought to last. But you can't always teil. Maybe in less than three weeks they will foe throwing crockery at each other and vowing divorce. Over near Morenci dwells a pig that is its own constituency. He is owned by Mr. Kinkaid and inventories as follows: One head, two mouths, two tongues, two eyes, four ears, eight legs. two tails, twoshoulders and four hams. The mother of this pig got frightened at the republican state platform. Some people would seem to know how to adapt themselves to a change of seasons. A Petersburgh man is still raising strawberries: an Ann Arbor man vet wears his straw hat, "clocked socks" and low-necked shoes, and there is occasionally, but rarely, an old mossback who says he will vote the republican ticket this fall, as usual. A brace of tramps, for stealing cabbages and other vegetables, at Hudson, were arrested, but allowed by the justice to exercise their legs provided they should be put into iramediate motion. The Hudson Gazette says they arrived in Adrián "in time to hear the eloquent McKinley make his masterly plea for tariff robbery." The marrieds and singles played hall at Holloway last week. Of course the singles could beat any hen-pecked, child-ridden nine whose nights had been worried outby jawing wives and squalling babies, eh ? Certainly. VVell, there is where you "struck out." Would you believe it, the old chaps sailed in and showed the kids what their pa's could do and beat them 18 to 15. The Standard this week devotes two 7thole Unes announcing the death of Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, fifteen lines on Jim Corbett, the world's champion boxer, and five columns to Gov. Rich's speech at Hillsdale. This is a sort of g. o. p. arithmatical progression. If Dr. Holmes had not been mentionec there would have been an " eternai fitness of things" in the journalism. - Hillsdale Democrat. At Fruit Ridge, Lenawee county, they know how to lighten thegloom of the grave. At a recent social of the cemetery association, the fun lasted till midnight and a correspondeat writes the Morenci Observer that "a right jolly time was had." The social should have been held in the cemetery, where the jhosts could have had a chance to "ioin hands and circle to the left." Stephen Taylor, of Northville, Mich., who was a meraber ot Co. B, 44th Infantry, and was present at the reunión of the company this week, has an interesting war record. He was in nineteen battles and many skirmishes without being wounded. At the battle of Stone Eiver he had fifty-seven balls shot through his clothes, three through his canteen, and the strap of his canteen cut off by a ball. - Coldwater Courier. It is strange that a man who could dodge bullets no better than that should allow himself to be paraded n print.


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