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Established 1880

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TIK UÜST II llüll !ü ll IN THE CITY. Always the Latent and Beet Styles of the Lavgest Manufacturero iï the Country on Hand. I can offer you a splendid line of Bedroom, Parlor, Libiary, Dining Room and Office Furniture at exceedingly Low Prices. A Fnll Assortment of the newest and choicest patterns in Chenille, Silk, Derby Satin and Tapestry Curtains. In Lace: Irish Pointe, Swiss, Tatnbons, Brussels and Nottingham. A Large Line of Rugs, Art Squares, Linoleums and Oilcloths. I sell by samples O. W. Richardson & Co.'s Superlative Carpets, the largest exclusive jobIbers of cut Carpets in the World. They cut hundreds of pattems to match without waste, which is a saving from two to fifteen cents per yard on nearly every carpet. WHEN READY TO FURNISH YOUR HOMES IT WILL PAY YOU COME AND LOOK OVER MY STOCK. BESPECTPTJLLY, MARTIN MALLER. Pa9Senger 52 S. MAIN and 4 W. LIBERTY STS.


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