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To Disfranchise Voters

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Among the resolutions adopted by the republican state conveation at Grand Rapids was one pledging the party to an amendinent the rig-ht of suffrage to those who have fully acquired American citizenship. This would disfraneá:.-je every foreigner v.-ho has declaren! his intentions betwoen May 8, 18'J3, and May ü, Iá94, and with the ainendment adopted by the last legislature, would deprive seventy-flve thousand persons of the right of suffrage in this state. This is a part of the scheme of the American plutocrats to reduce labor to a condition of serfdom. The protected monopolies and S3'ndicates have scoured every land under the heavens in search of cheap labor, and have brought to the United States shipload after shipload of Italiana, Hungarians, Slavonians and Bulgarians to work in the mines, the coke furnaces, the rolling milis and in every industry where unskilled labor could be employed. And now it is proposed to deprive these men of the right of suffrage, and we know that labor deprived oí a share in the governinent has always sunk into serfdom and dependenee. The moveinent for the disfranchisement of labor has begun in Michigan. Laboring men, how do you like it? The bars are not to be put up against immigrant, but when they arrive they are to _ be kept in an abject conditKm by the witli holding of the rig-ht of suffrage. lf the republican party gets into power again it will reenact the federal election law, and with the Michigan plan of disfranchisement will have labor in its power.


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