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The democratie legislature of 1891 appropriated a total of $2,83G,ΓΌ.r1.2;J, which sum the people paid for the fiscal years 1891 and 1892 in the Winans administration. In 1893 a plurality of the voters, not satisfied with economie methods, elected a republican legislature, which appropriated a total of $3,569,839.47 for the people to pay the fiscal years 1898 and 1894 of the Kieh administration. In other words, the republican legislature of 1893 saddled 8733,788.36 more on the taxpayers of the state than waa called for by the democratie legislature of 1891. Upon this record the Rich machine asks for the approval of the people by a reelection in Xovember of this year. The present is the most expensive and extravagant administration of affal-s this state has ever known; there has been no preteuse of economy; mileage bilis have piled up; illegal pay has ben drawn by state otlicers amounting to many thousand doilars; padded postage bilis have been allowed and a general waste of the people's money has been the rule, the like of which was never before seen, even compelling the state treasurer the past summer to borrow money to meet obligations until tax time. If, in view of the undeniable facts, the people reelect Gov. Hich and choose a republican legislature this year, it will be pretty good evidence that they care more for party than for their own welfare and are not free enough from preiudice to be fit for self-ifovernment.


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