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Victory Ahead

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In his boyhood days Spencer O. Fisher was a farmer lad and learned to swing the scythe. As he marched through his father's meadovv feiling the dank grass, so he is sweeping through the state of Michigan laying low the hopes of John T. Rich for a second term in the governorship. "Fisher, free silver and dollar wheat" is the ery that is rolling over the state and giving the Corporation candidate and his managers the cold shivers as they hear the farmers taking it up. The people are paj'ing no more attention to the two Tima and their petulant pique. It is a personal aiïuir too narrow to concern the public, which is after an acceleration of the industrial revival now grovving so rapidl3', and they see in Fisher and free silver the means of effecting it. The lies about Fisher will increase in number and virulence untll election day, when they will all be swept away by the hands of the people as they deposit a maiority for the


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