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Republicans Without An Argument

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"Every idle factory is an invincibla argument in favor of republican principies," says the Eagle. There is not an idle factory in Grand Eapids to-day and several of the factories are running overtime. The republicans are without an argument. - Grand RĂ¡pida Oemocrat. It would have been ten dollars ir the calamity prophet's pocket, if he had never been born. Pull out your tax receipt and compare your democratie with youi republican year. Tax receipts talk politics. Senatorial candidate Watts wil] pocket a will o' the wisp in a graveyard sooner than be elected. He is built wrong for a senator. Last year at about this season there was an overdraft on the county for $8,000. Now there is a balance of about S3, 000 on hand. Blame it off on the democrat hard times! The watery-eyed crocodile of calamity, which crawled up on the Wilson railroad track to swallow the democratie locomotive, learned something at the instant of his death. The popular candidate for United States senator, Hon. Edwin F, Uhl, will speak at Ypsilanti, Nov. 6. He is a native of this county and Washtenaw will give her brilliant son an enthusiastic welcome. The fact that Si. 00 under the Wilson tariff will buy as much of the necessities of life as $1.25 under the McKinley law, is a pretty strong campaign argument in itself and is becoming stronger every day. Col. John Atkinson, Friday night, told the people of Ann Arbor that the democrats meant well but were always blundering. Y-y-y-e-e-s, failed to run the Colonel for congress, we believe. Henee - . In his speech in Ann Arbor, Gen. Spalding said that previous to '93 this country had seen 30 years of its reatest prosperity. Yes, for the severa], thousand millionaires and ;enti-millionaires grown rich by protection. No, for the farmer and the laborer. They will rise up and teil the general to his teeth, "Sir, you're - a long ways from the truth."


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