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We need TWENTY or MORE original ar.d Q itriking designa for Ncwspuper U rnents of SANTA CLAltó SUI. Tlio j :aeturor8, The N. K. Kalrbank CompoUT, thorize us to pay TEN DOLLARS EACH for ïpproved drawiugs wlth appropriato readng; or $5. ooeach for designs orreadlngmntter only. Tliis offer 19 open to all. The compeütion win close December 1. As soon as possible after that date we will pay for aeeeptsd designs and return tbe otbers. Uemember, tor complote, aceeptable advertisements we pay C SlOEach Directlons.- Malte drawlngs wlth black lnk n heavy white paper, or card board. Do tbe TOrk Ín outline. Elabórate sl:ading wlll not jriiit well. Spacein papers will búfourinches iquare. Draw to largerscale lf yon prefer, but íave design square. Tlioidea is mostimporaut. If that isgood we can have ltredrawn ind 8tiU glve you credit. Avoid poetry. Get 1 panad.thatvvould malee goubuythoarticle. ' Points.- Santa Claus Is a pure, hifrh-erade ' oup- inatie lor laundry aud geueiul houseíoíduse - afavorlte wlioreverknown. Jlerits ■ enerous praibe. 8old by all grocers, wholealeandreUiil. Do yonr best, and send results promptly. ! Vddress (only) N. W. AVER & SON, Newspaper Adverüsing Agents, 1 PHILADEI.PHIA.


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