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Nervous, Despondent, Diseased Men!

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Emlssions. Varlcocele, Seminal Weakness, Self-Abuse, Syphllis, Gleet, Strlcture, Unnatural Discharges, Loss of Vital Fluid In Urine. Impotency, Sexual and Mental Weaknass. Kidnay and Bladder Diseases Posltlvely CURED OR NO PAY! a YEARS IN DETROIT. 200,000 CURED. Syphllis Cured. "This terrible bloodl di La FathpP ilCP Son Young orMIddle Aged Man - Yon haveleda ease wai in my syBtem for eight year. Had wmc ■ "'1 i "'u wwin gaylifeorindulgedinthevicesof earlyyouth. taken mercury for two years, but the diBease t % Ton f eel the symptoms stealing over yon. SdJ returned. Eyes red, pimples and blotchee on abuse, or later ezcesies have broten down yonr the skin, nlcers in the mouth and on tongne, ' ... A system. Mcnlally, phyiieally and sezually yon bone pains, falling out of hair, weakness, etc. j 3l . , vi are not the man you used to be or shonld be. My brother, who had been cured of Gleei and Qh yr m , Lustful practices reap rich harvests. Think Striciure by Dra. Konnedy and Kergan, recomTtV J ((!& W of the future. Will you heed the dangerlgnals! mended them. They cured me in a few weeks JTi, S '?'{& Ar yon nervous and weak; despondent and and 1 thank God I consuited them. No reQp,j eloomy; specks before eyes; back weak and turn of the disease in six years." y f Y '. i ?■ V kidneys irritable; palpitation of heart;dream8 W. P. M., Jackson, Mich. il V _ - and loseee at night; sediment in urine; weakA Minister Speaks. The Kev. W. E. Sparks, J 0T? ened manhood; pimples on face; eyes snnken of Detroit, "I know of no disease so in( Ü II Vl'rïf and cheeks hollow; poor memory; careworn jarioua to the mind, body and soul of young . i -íit LS ï expression; Vancocele; tired in morning; men aB thnt of Self Abuse. I have sent many 'Jf jf hfeless; distrustful; lackenergy, strengt!) ïictin.P of thi lnstfui habitto Drs. Kennedy A rflíK and ambition. Our New Method Treatment A Kerjian for treatment. I canheartily entVu t A -__?:rljJX. wlU POB1tlfely cnre you. lt will make a man (ioríí, the.r New Mc'hnd Treatment which cured A-rj, , VlijéteÜiTy leiP , Vfi of you and life will open anew. We guaraní, wbwi uU else failed." ' . 'ft nli Tf H -lui r Li ifi to cure you. or refund all money tiaid. rNo . „ . n ..- , ... (( MVn UI "J-c-"" t#í i ZFflX ■. ,ieoH yitthnul riHpn ennsent 41 000 A Doctor Recommends t. I know nothing I ï icl Jiq( TWi KisiSrWïïS'sr.aassa'i-AV000 gjiíe r 5 (il if (SU M cwATrHcr. CDnM THP nDAVPi Tnutmem ::,ly & Kergan. Many I V f Ufèx , T" f' Y SNATCHED FROM THE QRAVE 1 ,.aw6 Wilioh hllll .öea 8Cores of physicians I Mt 1 l&fl %- v Viw' I A Warning From the Living. were rared iu ;i í ., wpoks. I have seen this I ÏVJrIrVJl = jTr Ztëri'-N Emissions Cured. "At 15 I learned a bad "& eye8aí,d]P1??'ritIífN' Mfa-n#" nLTfllF f" Miï I abit. Had losses for seven years. Tried 1. E. ALLISÜN. M. D. B ilp'JJ'il T Zs II V four doctors and nerve tonics by the score. Reader- Hnve you been guilty? Hae your ' U i II (ftt Ja without benefit. 1 became o nervous wreek. Blood been diseas-ü? Are you weak? Do yon J [ J II II L2&r A friend who had been cnredby Drs. Kennedy deeire to be a man Are ou contempiatins I " U ai Jll [ tt & Kergan of a similar disease, advised me to marriage? Our A'eic Method Trealment will t -v "" f I' I try them. I did so, and in two months was pofitivply cure yon. Cures Guaranteed or No I! Jë V M 11 i- II poBitively cured. Thie was eight year aeo. Pay! Consultatlon Free! aügfl K mi lam now married and have two healthy No matter who has treated you, write for aa 3 " J7 J I Sm ( children." C. W. LKWI8. Saginaw. Mich. honest opinión free of charge. Charges I i ffW énJJp Varicocele Curd. "Varicocele, thereenltof onablc Books Free-"The Golden Monitor" C Jrn mirié eaïvice, made life miserable. I was weak dllustrated), on Ihseases of Men. Endose I "" and nervous, eyes sunken, baehful in society, Postage, i ceuts. eeaiea. BïroBE tmatmint. nair tnD dreams and loases at night, no am?"No names used without written consent. I "Ye I have just read the "Golden Monitor," bition. The "Golden Monitor" opened my Private. No medicine sent C. O. D. No names [ edited by Drs. Kennedy & Kergan, and knowing eyes. The New Method Treatment of Drs. on boxes or envelopes. Everything I their hüih repotation I shall consult them a th Kennedy t Kergan cured me in a few weeks." tial. Question lisl for home treatment and 1 laat réiiort."- A Victim. I. L. PETER8ON, Ionia, Mich. cost ot treatment, Free. -_j! j DRS. KENNEDY & KERGAN, 148 5HELBY STREET, DETROIT, MÏCH. j


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