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Mayor Seymour, of Ypsilanti. arrived home in time to vote. A tramp, election day, stole the fruit of a Detroit street clothesline. The American house now has an electric enunciator with a return cali. Marie Louise Bailey, the wonderful pianiste, at Frieze memorial hall, this evening. On the athletic field, Monday, the Sophomores beat the Freshmen at football, 18 to 4. Presbyterian ladies gave a tea social last evening. The ladies of St. Andrew's did the same thing. Cyrus A. Lewis, a former boot and shoe merchant of this city, died in Bridgewater, Mass., Nov. 4th. In the Unity club course, Nov. i7th, Mary A. Livermore will delivered her lecture on "The New Aristocracy." The High School roster shows a registration of 610, or 19 more students than there were at the corresponding date of last year. The next Light Infantry hop will :ake place Nov. 21. The late W. R. Price carried a jolicy of $3,000 on his life. 1 Prof. Thompson at Newberry , lall, Sunday morning, at 9:15. Livery horses will get more rest, low that the ex-parte election is 3ver. Jack Frost is a poor prohibitionst. He takes a "nip" now and then. The University Reserve football :eam will give the Albions exercise, :omorrow. Mrs. Trueblood's recital, with a ine program, at the M. E. church :his evening. We are told that it might have Deen worse, but at present there is 10 occasion to believe it. Mrs. Cari Shaub, mother of Mrs. Gaspar Rinsey, of this city, died in Detroit, Wednesday morning. The marshal of Ypsilanti made 25 irrests during October, and Justke Dhilds reports the collection of $80 :or fines. The University football team is 3n its way to Kansas, to try what kill can do, in rolling up the west:rn parairies. Before the Students Lecture asso:iation Nov. 17, Gen. John B. GorIon will lecture on "The Last Days )f the Confederacy." S. J. Battiste, a University stulent, will lecture at the rink tolight, on "The Aborigines of Cen:ral and South America." M. O. Straight has purchased the )iano in the Ypsilanti Opera House uins, of Aid. Beal, for $5. The Diano is not yet in sight. It was a jlind bargain. The removal of the opera house ■uins at Ypsilanti has unhoused a arge colony of rats, right on the 'go-in" of a hard winter. "Rats." Prof. Bress' Triple Flavoring Kx:racts are guaranteed for their strength and purity. For sale at jrocers and at No. 32 East Huron ,treet, 3d floor. The fire department force have received new rubber coats. After a ïre at night, however, they have to 50 to bed dirty. The fire departaient needs a bath tub. The Ladies' Home Journal is publishing a series of articles, entided, "The Man who Most Influenced Me." The title seems to indícate a practical give-in on her part. The largest local bet of the campaign was made yesterday afternoon. A prominent Democrat bet $150 that Brenner would be elected by 100 plurality. - Ypsi. Times Local. Poor p. d! The next lecture ia the Unity Club course will be given by Mrs. Mary A. L'ivermore, of Boston, either on Friday or Saturday of next week, Nov. 16 or 17. Her subject will be, "The New Aristocracy." The mammoth Columbian organ, now the property of the University, will it is expected, be ready to accompany the "Shepherds' Hymn," on Christmas, The Argus has heretofore given a full discription of the instrument. Edgar R. Wagner writes to his parents from Tien Tsien, China, that the government is protecting that point and there is no danger from the war. There is, unless the Japs get out of breath before reaching there. The subject of Mrs. Sunderland's Bible class lecture next Sunday evening at the Unitarian church will be, "August Comte. " In Mr. Sunderland's noon Bible class for young men, the subject will be, "an examination of the Genesis Story of Creation." Dr. and Mrs. G. G. Burnett, of San Francisco, Cal., will deliver a stereoptican lecture in Newberry hall, on Thursday evening, Nov. 15, Eor the benefit of Trini ty English Lutheran church. Admission, 25 cents; children ,io cents. Tickets will be sold in advance. It will be an interesting entertainment. George Hopkins, of Vpsilanti, traded a horse to Frank Powell, taking as part pay, a watch Powell found. It seemed to be Hopkins' rhoice. The owner identified and took the watch, and Hopkins identified and took the horse. Powell identified Hopkins and so did the officer, and there is trouble on board. Unity club has purchased a fine life size bust of Ralph Waldo Emerson, which will be placed permanently in the vestibule of the Unitarian church. The "unveiling" of the bust will take place at the church social next Monday evening, when an appropriate address is expected from the president of the club, and a talk of twenty minutes, giving reminiscences of Emerson, by Sidney H. Morse, the sculptor. The funeral of the late Wm. K.. Price occurred yesterday afternoon at the family residence, Rev. Henry Tatlock officiatine;, Fraternity lodge, No. 262, F. & A. M., bejng present. A feverish state of unrest prevails in Ann Arbor to ascertain what will be the attitude of the democratie party in the next legislature toward the University. Mr. Donovan, speak out. Wm. Reader, ot Ypsilanti, offers a $350 football to the Ann Arbor team under 15 years of age, who can defeat his Ypsilanti team, the oldest of whom is 14 years of age. Now, boys! The Baptist Young People's Union will give an "Equality social" in the church parlors this evening. The ladies and successful rcpublican candidates will carry their pocket-books. The Ladies of Arbor Hive will give a banquet in their hall over the post office next Tuesday evening, Nov. 13, this being the third anni-l versary of Arbor Hive. All friends of the Maccabees are cordially invited to attend. ünsted now has a dentist. Much jawy to him in his pull with the people. - Adrián Press. A man that will prepetrate such a pun as that ought to be fined. - A. A. Dernocrat. A fine idea. The first service will be held in the basement of the new English Lutheran church next Sunday, at 10:30 a. m. The pastor, Rev. W. 1. Tedrow, will deliver an appropriate sermón and in the evening at 7:30 a children's meeting and concert will be held. All the members and friends of the church should be present and take part in these interesting services. In spite of "democratie hard times" the paupers of the county house, under the direction of the superintendent, have raised this season 415 bushels of carrots from one fourth of an acre of ground. Mr. E. P. Masón has left with the Argus two peculiar samples, one of which is notable for its size, and weighs abcut five pounds. The other has five seperate prongs and resembles the tooth of a mastodon. Prof. H. L. Willett, of Chicago, will deliver a lecture before the In land League next Saturday night. It should be borne in mind that the date of this lecture has been changed from next Monday to Saturday, Nov. 10. Prof. Willett's subject will be "The Golden Fleece." This will be the only time that Prof. Willett will make a public address in Ann Arbor this year. Admission 15 cents. At the Y. W. C. A. entertainment at the Baptist church, last evening, Mrs. Roy McClure delighted an appreciative audience with a charming solo. Mrs. McClure possesses a clear soprano voice combining both sweetness and power, and a flutelike quality of tone in the upper notes that invariably pleases the listener. All the numbers of the excellent program were finely rendered. In the foot-ball scrimmage, last week, between the Normals and Toledos, at Ypsilanti, one of the visiting club tumbled on his back during a tackle, and before he could gather himself, several men took a seat on his stomach, and so squeezed his rennet that he became insensible, and was lugged off the field in a comatose state. He recovered his breath in time to start home next day. Toledo's visiting teams seem to fare badly. At Adrián, last winter, one of the Toledo high school team was killed. George Henion an oíd citizen died this tnorning. H. G. Paul, of Peoría, III., has been chosen president of the '97 lit class. There was not that neat'sfoot oil smoothness about the proceeding that sometimes attends the birth of great events. "Being vs. Doing." Rev.W. H. Warren, of Lansing, will preach on the above subject, Sunday, Nov. 11, at the Congregational church, before the young men's Sunday evening club, at half past seven. Tne Argus deeply regrets to announce the serious illness of Mr. Zach Roath, of the firm of Bach & Roath. His condition at this writing is highly precarious and it is understood that there appears very little hope of his recovery. Physicians give no eneouragement. The sincere regret the Argus feels in making this unwelcome announcement will be shared by the public to whom Mr. Roath is so well known.