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They Are Asking Too Much

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The Democrat and Times are scolding like cooks, at the street car conductors, because they don 't hop off their cars and assist ladies to mount and alight. Want them to get off their cars, eh? Want them to get right off in the mud, in their patent leather slippers, and lift and tug women off and on! It wouldn't be at all strange if those papers would yet make spectacles of theniselves by demanding that men support their own wives. This all comes of that conrounded Women's Rights association which Newkirk tried to help on in the legislature. The idea that a street car conductor should be reduced to the grade of a mere female baggage-handler! Let the women help themselves. It teaches them self reliance. If a mother wishes to mount the cars with a baby, it is an easy matter to throw the baby in and jump after it, and in getting off, it is an easy matter to toss the young'un to the sidewalk. It will probably be there when the owner gets up from the street where she feil. It is the rule, anyway, for a lady to spring off before the car stops, face the wrong way and fall down. In any event, however, the conductors of an eastern syndicate railroad should not be expected to dirty their feet with western mud, and the Democrat and Evening Times should urge their intellects to understand it.


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