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The Choral Union of the University of Michigan has in the past been in a peculiar sense a potent factor in promoting general culture. It is an organization composed so largely of students that it is a student organization practically. That it has in the past been able to offer such fine concert courses, is largely due to the interest of the students in musical art. This year following out the practice of former years, and encouraged by the great success attending the First Annual May Festival, a series is offered exceeding in interest that of any former year. Inasmuch as Seidl has cancelled his western dates, Theodore, Thomas, the great orchestral leader with his superb concert orchestra, will open the series November 19, by a grand orchestral concert. A fine programme will be given. The great success of the organization two years ago, will be remembered by all. January 11, Mr. Alberto Jonas, who is now connected with the University School of Music, gives a piano recital. Mr. Jonas has appeared before the most critical audiences in Europe with distinguished success, and is an artist of the very first rank, worthy to be placed by the stde of the greatest pianists who have appeared in the series. February 1, the Choral Union, (300 voices) assisted by a full orchestra, and Mrs. Ginerva-Johnson Bishop, soprano, and Mr. Gardner O. Lamson, bass, gives the first choral concert in the course. The programme will be devoted to shorter works, and will contain several novelties. Mrs. Bishop is an old favorite here. Mr. Lamson will make his first appearance wSth orchestra on this occasion. Mr. Lamson has come to us recently from Boston, where he has for eral years occupied a leading position in the rank of Boston favorite singers and teachers. He has sang with great success at the Worcester Festival, Handel & Haydn concerts, Boston Festival concerts, of the Appolu Club, Chicago, in fact in almost every large city in this country. He is, as is well known, at the head of the vocal department of the University School of Music. Max Heinrich, the inimitable bailad songsinger, is to be with us again, on March 8th. In May, the second annual Musical Festival will begiven,and it isexpected that both artistically and financially it will be in advance of that of last year. The enormous expenses incurred in giving the series has necessitated raising the price of tickets to $2.50. It will be necessary to sell 2,500 such tickets to pay the actual expenses of the series. Five of the seven concerts are given with full orchestra. Not one of the concerts could be heard in a large city for less than $1.00. It is to be hoped that the enthusiasm and courage which it takes to enter upon such extensive preparation for such a series of artistic treats may be met in a generous spirit by those for whom so much is undertaken. The actual dates of the May Festival can not be given, but there will be three concerts. The Boston Festival Orchestra (Iargely augmented for the occasion) and soloists of the first rank will take part. The price of tickets for the festival will be the same as for the entire series, viz., $2.50. The Colnmbia Organ will be used at the festival.


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