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I OFFICIAL.] COUNCIL CHAMBBK, ) An-n Akhor, Miel]., Nov. 8, 1SM. djouriied session oL Nov. 6, 1894. Called to order by President Wines. Iíoll callee!. Quorum present. Absent - Aid. AJlraendinger, Fergnson, Taylor. - :!. KEFORT I'IMIM TUK ELECTIOU COMHlSglON'ERS. : To tli': Cormnon (Jouncü: The undereiirned memberfl of t hp Board ol' Election Commissioncrs of the City of Ann 1 Arbor hoor leave to report as follows: An examlnarion and count of the official ballots before they were delivered to the Initpoctors of election, :md af töT they were returned to the City Clerk, shows tliat there were delivered in all of the various warde four tbousand. fiye huntlred and twenty-ftve 14,520) ballots wiiich wre accounted tor as follows: FIRST WARD. Numbeiof ballot, delivered 1,000 Number of ballots returned unused.. KC Numbcr of votes cast 4B8 Makins numberot ballots 1,000 SKCoNO WABD. Number of ballots deltvered: f50 Numher of bHllots returned unuaed.. 471 Number of votes cast OTB Makiiu number of ballots 850 THIKD WARD. Number of ballots delivered iino 'NnmbtT of ballots rcturned unused.. 4.VÏ Number of hallots eancelled returned tí Number of votes cast 4;iS Making number of ballots WO FOURTH WARD. Number of ballots delivered "30 Number of ballots returned 386 Numberot' votes cast 385 Making Lumbcr of ballots. 750 FIFT1I WARD. Number of ballots deMvered 400 Number of vote cast 1(S Numher of supposed ballot sealcl in the ballot box 832 Making number of ballots 400 SXXTH WARD. Number oí ballots delivered fi25 Number of ballots supposed to be sealed up in ballot box :!7ï Number of votes cast inf) Making number of ballots 635 We tind that eyerythlng connected with tlie clectum of Justice so farascame withln our observation, was done according to law, with the exception that the Mh and 6th wards sealed up in the ballot boxes the unused ballots. wbereas in all cass t"e unused ballots should be returned to the plty Clerk. . Very respeetfully. L. P. HALL, Cliairman. W..I. MILLEK, Secretary. lleceived and üled. On uiotion of thecouncil proceeded to canvass tlie votes t'or the oflice of justice of ]eace to fill the vaeancy. Tabulated statement of the varioua wards in the city of .nu Arbor, Michigan: WARDS, lx't 2.1. 8d. ltb. 5th. ytb. Amlifw E. Gfbssnu-. 264 169 11 -21rt 10-2 242 Wm. B. Voorhela 2tH -■''. 2-21 Vit 68 IOS Etigeïie Oésterlin l Total for (jibson 1207 Total ior Voorheis- %8 Total for Ofsteiiii)__ 1 Majority for Gibsou 2:;s Bv Aid. Prettynian : Wiikkicas, It appearing from the returns of the inspectora of the special eicel ion held n tliis city, on Xov. 6, '94, that Andrew E, Gibsou received a majority of the votes at -aid election, for the office of Justice of Peace to ti 11 vaeancy, thereforé Resolved, That Andrew E. Gibson be, and hereby declared to have been duly elected to the office of Justice of Peace of said city, to till the vaeancy caused by tlie resignation of John W. Bennett. Adopted , RÉPORTS OP STAXDI.VO COMMITTBES. FIXANCE. To the Comnwn Council: Your Coramittee on 'inances respectfully report that they have had the following bilis under consideration and would recommend their allowance at sums stated: REPORT OF KLECTION EXPENSES OF N'OVÖIÜEIi 6, lïiü-i. CONTINGENT fc'OND. .lohn H. Miner, reg. and election inep. Í 12 ó0 C. W. Wagner, " " " " a 50 P. L. Bodmer, " " " " 12 50 Louis Goodrich, clerk of electiOD 6 00 W. H. Butler, 5 OU Thomas Taylor, atekeeper 2 00 Martin Clark, " 2 00 Euprene Oésterlin, reg. and elcrtion insp 12 50 Christian Martin, reg. and election insp 12 5 D. F. AUmendlnger, reg. and election insp 12 SO Geo. B. Schwab, clerk of election 5 00 Albert Sehumacher, clerk of election, 5 00 Fred Huhn, gatekeepe-r 2 00 Jobn Eldiiii.'. " 2'00 John J. Fiselier, res and electiou insp 12 50 Frank Wood, reg. and election insp. 12 AU (J J. Snyder, " " " " ]2 5ü John Jenkins, clerk of election 5 00 John Pack, " " " ._ 5 00 Edwaid S. Ca rr, gate keeper 2 00 Joseph Blackburn, " 2 00 Geo. H. Pond. reg. and election iusp. 12 50 A. P. Kei-iruson, " " " '■ 12 50 H. I . lirown, " " " ]2 50 C. H. Kliue, clerk of election- 5 00 Frank Vandewarker cleik ol' election 5 00 John O'Keefe, gatckeeper 2 00 Geo. Gough, " 2 00 Thomas Speechley, reg. uud election insp ]g 50 Walter L. Taylor, reg. and election Insp 12 50 C. H. Mauly, 2 days reeistration 7 5u Oso&T Spafford, inspector 5 no John A. Hoylan, clerk of electiou 5 00 T. K. McCollum, " " " 5 00 tí. G. Hhoads, gatekeeper, 2 00 .1. A. Bartlett, " 2 00 Evart H. öi.'ott, reg. and election insp -,, 12 50 A.J. Kitson, reg. and election insp. 12 50 11. (:. Krettyman, reg. and election insp (2 50 John L. Dufl'y, clerk of election 5 00 I. B.Sumner, '■ " " 5 (10 William Hatto, gatekeeper 2 00 William Cleaver, " 200 Louis (.!. Weinmann, room for election lst ward , 10 00 hristian Schumaker, room for election 2nd ward 10 00 William Her., room for registratlon... ." 00 JJcakcs tV Hammond, printing 5,000 ballots 5 r,o Nicholaa Glaser, dlnners and lunches 2u 00 Hiohael Staebler, dinners and suppers 2nd ward ■. 5 ix) H. G. l'rettyman, dinners and suppers (tli ward "_ 7 ()0 Marvin Da venport, cleaning 3d ward room 1 00 W. J. .Mi lier. supplies 1 05 Louis P. Hall, services elec. eommis'n 5 00 .lohn K. Miner " " ■■ 5 00 ff. J. Müler, " " 5 00 Kobieon & Co., horse hire :t ()() Camp Bros., use ol chairsimd tables.. 1 00 Total 401 15 Kespectfullysubmitted [RANK WOOD, C. H. MANLY, A. .1. KITSON, Finance Committee. Accepted aiidrecommendatons concurred in, as follows: Yeas- Aid. Wagner, Martin, Wood, Snyder, Manly, Kitson, Piettyman, President Wines- 8. Xays- None. ' REPOST KROM THE OOMMITTKES OX RENTING CITY OFFICES. To the Coinmon Council : 1 Your special committee appointed September 3, to secure a lease oí premises for the city olïices for Ihe ensuing year, would report tbat your committee tried to secure a lease of Mr. Green, that would includethe heatingof all ; the city offices; but uo satisfactory arrange! menu could be made with him. Your com! mittee would therefore recoinmend heatiiier ' the clerk's assessor' and the Board of Public ' Works' offices each with a lurge new eoal 1 stove. to be supplied by Mr. Greene, set up and complete for use without exDense to the city. Uiider siich couditious your committee would reeonimend the leasing the offlees for one year from November lStu, at the same rental as'las year, ($850 per year.) And we further recom mend the employinpr of ajaultorat asaJaryof 1 uot more tban .115 per month. Kespectfuily submitted, 1 Fkank Woon, H. G. PRETTYMAX. Cl H. JlANl-V. The yeas and nays being callecl tbe ; recornmendations wére not coneurred in , as follows : Yeas.- Aid. Manly, Prettyman- 2. Nays - Aid. Wagner, Martin, Wood, Snyder, Kitson, President Wines.- 6. l'.y Aid. Manly: Resolved, That the propositiou üi ('lay Green to heat the city oliices with steam be and the same is hereby aecepted. Lost as follows : Yeas - Aid. Manïy. - 1. Nays- Aid. Wagner, Martin, Wood, Snyder, Prettyman, Kitson, President Wines. - 7. Aid. Prettyman moved that a new committee of five be appointed to report to th is council on what terms new offices can be secured for our city offices. Adopted. President Wines appointed the following committee : Aid. Wopd, Martin, Wagner, Manly, Kitson. MOTJOXS AND IIESOLÜTIONS. J!y Aid. Prettyman: Resolved, That the thanks of tliis council be extended to the ladies of Friendship ]xidge, "o. 70, J). O. H., for kindly and generous entertainment Monday evening, Xov. 5, inst. Adopted as follows: Yeas - Aid. Wagner, Martin, Wood, Snyder, Brown, Manly, Kitson, Prettyman, Pres. Wines. Kays - None. By Aid. Manly : Resolved, That the Board of Public Works be most respectfully asked to explain why they have not eompHed with the resolution relative to building the Fifth ward branch of the nuiiii sewer. Adopted. On motiou the following citizens were appointed fence viewers : Ernest Rehberg, Zenns Sweet, and W. E. Crandell. By Aid. Wood: Resolved, That the Board of Public Works be and are hereby requested to report at the next council meeting the probable cost of plácing the niain sewer on Depot Street, on proper grade. Adopted. Chainnan Brown of the water committee submitted and read a Bacteriological examination made by the Michigan University Laboratory of Hygiëne of the water of Ann Arbor Water Co., which was received and iiled. On motion the council adjourned. City Cleik.


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