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We P&y for f, nu f ü í"ts I We need TWENTY or MORE original and 3 : striking designs for Newspuper Advertí:, L? , monts of SANTA CLAUS SOAP. Tne Q ' facturera, The N. K. Kulrtjank Company, ! tüorlze us to pay TEN DOLLARS EACH for , ■ , I approved drawlngs wlth ni)iopriate ' ing; or $5.00 cach for designs orroading , ' ter only. This oü'er la open to all. The 1 ' , petltlon wlll close December 1. As soon as 1 ' 1 possibleafter that date wewlll pay for ( 1 ed designs and return the others. Reraembcr, K for complete, acceptable advertlsemeuts we C ■ puy K i Dlrectlons.- Maleo drawingrs ivitli black ink on honyy white paper, or card board. Dotiie work in outline. Elabórate shading wlll not print well. Spaeeln papers will befourlnches square. Draw to largor seals J f yon prefer, bu t have design square. Tho Idea Is most r laut. If thatisgood wecari it ec;ivra nndstlllglve you credit. Avoid poetry. Get pan ad. thatwouW make io hnythearticle. , , Po.nts.- Santa Claus is u piüe. ilKÜ-grade V Foap - made for laundry and cuíral r holduse - afavorlte wherevtrkuowu. Merita jf rcncroup pralse. Sokl by oll grocers, " tule and rotail. Io your best, and send resulta promptly. Ad()re88(only) , N. W. AYER & SON, Newspaper Advertising Agents, - PHILADr;l.PrlIA.


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