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WASHINGTON, Nov. 12. - Senator Peffer lias arrlved from Kansas. Discussing the rpsult of the recent election he said the Populista had no reason to feol dislouraged. "What we have lost In coir gressjuen," he said, "wc have more liban piado up in votos. The reporta generally published would load people to suppose thát wc liad sufferod a material loss in :ill respecte in Kansas. Sueh is not the caso. In we had nbout 105,00' votes 11 thut state, in lSftí about 113,000 and in the late election from láO,X to 125,000, in the faco of the faut that about 20,000 of OBI votéis had left tho state on account of the drought. We failed in the election of offlcers because we were not paired witli the Demócrata, but we havo every reason to fcel encouraged for the future." Position óf Irby and Tilluian. Ho predicted that it would be found that the Populists had cast 3,000,000 at the late eloction - twice their vote in 18!ü. He didn't know what party Tlllman would act wlth when he came to tlie sonate, md called attention to the fact that Irby, who supposedly shares Tillinan's views, concinues in the Democratie ranks. But of one thing he was suro - that the time must soon come whon "Democrats" like Irby and Tilluian must ally thomselves openlr with Poi)iilism. Eastern Democrats, said Peffer, are practicaUy Republicans, and Doniourats like Tlllman and Irby cannot reinaln in the same party with them. Peffer wouldn't dísonas the talk about sonate Republicans and Populists combining to organizo the senate but said that if the Populists held the balance of power they would use it conjcientiously and wisoly. SU'iiart Not tlukiuu Combinations. Senator Stoward says that so far as he s concerned he will not enter into coalition with either oí the gold parties to se'jurc the organization. "I don 't care," he aid, "which of the oíd partios controls ihe machinery of the senate. There is no advantage to us to be gained by a combination with either the Ropublican or Cleveland parties. So far as I am personally concerned I do not care whether they put me on any committee or what they do with me as long as I am entitled to my seat in the senate and can get into the chambee. "In fact," he added, growing emphatic, "I can raise more h - 11 when entirely free from such obligations than when bound by them." Ëight Populist in Sight. The senator says that ho thinks the Populists wili be able to exercise a more potent influence by keeping entirely aloof from and entering into no entangling alliances with either of the old parties, and it is hts opinión that this is the policy which will 1)0 pursued by the third party in the senate and he will advice that this policy be pursued. He thinks there is nu doubt that when the test comes Senator Jones will be found working in f uil harmony with the Populist senators, and if Tillman should be chosen to succeed Butler he will also 1)0 found in the Populist column, as will also tho two senators to bc chosen from North Carolina. This would give the Populists eight senators, as against forty-two Republicans and thirty-feight Democrats, after March 4. Only Grouncl of a Coalitlon. "The only ground," he said in conclusión, 'on which I should be willing to unite with the Rcpublicans would be on a platform pledging that party to a free silver policy. I do not want any half way measure. such as the coinage of the American product, as I should know that whatever was promisod would be nothing but a trap. I do not propo3C to be caught with anything less than a compliance with our complete demands."


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