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Albaxy, Noy. 12. - Governor Flower is willing to allow experts to niake a test to ascertain whether a man killed in the eléctrica! chair can be resuscitnted . ïo the Associated Press representativa he made this statement when hi3 attention ivas oalled to tlie printed allegatons that Dertaln phj-sicians wou lel ask for such perinlssion: "I am perfectly willing to allow the experiment to be made if it is in ïuy power under the law. I think it would be a good thiug to have this long-standing controversy aettjed at once and forever." Tesla Says It Doèsn't Kill. Ever since the adoption of tlie electrical BXëoution net by the state tho Westinghouse peoplu, whose dynamos are usad, have declared that clectricity was not thu sause of death, but that death was assured by the holding of an autopsy directly aftcr tho body was taken from tho elecfcriaal chair. No less an authority than Nieola Tesla, the famous electrieian, sontended that ho eould bring back to life a man killed in an eteetrical chair, provided tlie a.ttempt was made lmmediatelj' affer execution. Will Try It on the Next Man. Georgo Westinghouse has always asxjrted that electrical death was a sham mul that a New York commission, headed by Elbridge T. Gerry, had added the autopsy clause to the law so as tó niake it certain that the man would be. Withiu the last few weeks the agitation of the subject has been prominent, andanappeal is to be made to the governor to allow the next man condemned to be used as a subject to be experimenteel on. The governor áays lie will grimt perinission to do so. May Let a Criminal Loóse. Tlie attenipt, if made, will undoubtedly créate great excitoment and intense interest in the scientifio world. It will arouse curiosity among laymen, becauseif suceessf ui it will bring to life a new man who cannot be executed, having once suffered the penalty of doath. It will also prove that the state executioners have been the surgeons who have hold the autopsy rather than the state eleetriciaa.


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