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His excellency, Gov. Rich, has sufficiently recovered from his celearation of the late election, in which he was somewhat interested, to forward the Argus a copy of his Thanksgiving proclamation. The venerable "chestnut" was received yesterday, bearing the official seal and headed in blood red letters, "Proclamation," the carmine hue taken in connection with the result at the polls being very suggestive. The Governor, after naming the date for giving thanks, which date is also in bright, ruby print, requests the people to abstain from all secular pursuits and assemble at their respective places of worship "to return thanks to the giver of every good and perfect gift, for the blessings they enjoy." The true pith of the proclamation, however, lies in the following: "When gathered around the family table, loaded with the good things of every clime, do not forget the poor "whom ye have always with you," and to whom a substantial remembrance on this day of peace and good cheer will soften, to some extent, the hard lines in which their lives are oassed." The above is exactly what it should be, in respect to which the Argus could not have suggested any improvement. Right here, however, a question occurs to us; and we desire, before we forget it, to respectfully inquire of the Governor: How are our tables to be "loaded with the good things of every clime," and consequently how are we to remember the poor "whotn we have always with us" if we are having such confoundedly hard times, under a democratie administration as Vour Excellency and Vour Excellency's campaign orators have claimed?


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