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How Things Have Changed

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" I see a great difference between the Ann Arbor of today and that of 25 years ago," remarked Dr. M. R. Morden, of Adrián, at the Cook house, last Sunday, and he came in from attending a service at the Unitarian church. "A very great change," repeated the doctor. "I recollect," he added, "that 25 years ago I was a roomer in a rather rickety frame building that stood on the very spot now occupied by the Unitarian, church. I was a medical student, and there were otherroomers there. The lady of the house had two handsome daughters. I was not interested in either of them, however, in any way that affected the heart, but a student who did not room there had received a deep stab in the epidermis from one of Cupid's barbed arrows. He had a hankering after one of the young ladies, and each evening he called. Owing to the spacious cracks in the wooden partitions and floors, much of the soft talk of the lovers was unavoidably overheard by the upstairs roomers. The student's leavetakings were lingering and emotional. They grew monotonous, and finally so palled on us that we could not sleep. Then we fixed up a plan. I got a couple of pails of water and placed them in my window. Then I took up a ing position where I could unload the hydraulic. battery at the proper moment. It came. Nosoonerwere the last reluctant, fond good-byes said and the front door shut, than I swashed hitn with a pail of water, and he got the other before he reached the gate. Then my fellow conspirators, who were outside, hailed the fleeing lover with apples and eggs till he was a wreek. So were the eggs. It ended the noisy courtship. He carne no more. Of course the whole family were enraged, and when, at last, the other daughter married, not one of us students was invited. We thought strange of it." "Yes," added the doctor, looking around, "Ann Arbor has changed in 25 years." Tramps are said to be growing scarcer. Flown south.


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