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Next Thursday, Nov. cjth, is Thanksgiving day. Mr. Wright has gone to Iosco to visit friends. It is rumored that uur village is to have another dressmaking parlor. Messrs. Sykes and Sigler passed here Friday taking Mrs. C. L. Sigler's piano to Ann Arbor. Lew Chamberlain made a trip to Chelsea Friday. Burt Taylor and sister Myrta spent the Sabbath with their cousins at Hamburg. Mr. Manu, of Putnam, spcnt Sunday with friends. Miss ' May Brogan, of Marión, has been the guest of her cousins for a few days. H. Carpenter is back from Ingham Co. James Gregory spent Friday and Saturday at VVhitmore. F. Dunlavey and wife went to Chelsea Friday. Toni Eagan, of Hamburg, greeted old friends Thursday. Messrs. Hall and Brown, of Putnam, passed here Thursday on their way to Ann Arbor. Miss Monks, of Pinckney, was here on Thursday. A. Lavey was at Sylvan one day recently. S. Mapes, of Chelsea, was here on Wednesday. Mr. Bowtnan, of Livingston Co., was here several days of last week. E. Howard and wife went to Ann Arbor two days of last week. The dance at Thurston's Friday night was wcll attended. John Pirïd was a Northfield visitor last week. Ed Carr was in Chelsea on ness Thursday. Patrick Lavey and wife went to Chelsea the last of the week. Mrs. James Lyman and son George spent Sunday in Pinckney. Mr. and Mrs. G. Luick, of Lima, called on her sister one day last week. Mrs. Maria McComb entertai'ned sorae of her friends one day this week. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Green visited their daughter in Hamburg the first of the week . Mrs. Abraham Voorheis entertained her sister last Sabbath. Mrs. H. C. Gregory is entertaining her sister. Mrs. M. King, of Muskegon, is the guest of her mother and sister. Mrs. L. Thompson is slowly recovering from her severe illness. Charles Richardson has entered the Dexter high school. Will Taylor and mother were at the University city Monday. Mrs. Chas. McGilvary, of Jackson was the guest of her brother over Sunday. iAobert Erwin and wife entertained friends last week. L. D. Alley and James Gallaghcr were at the county seat Monday. Miss Tessie Sweetman has returned after a month's stay in Detroit. Mrs. Trendholm vvas in Ana Arbor Monday. Joe Curtis has built a large barn on his farm. P. Guinon and family have moved into the Schieferstein house on Ann Arbor street. John Schieferstein was a Pettysville visito, Tuesday. C. Green and wife will live with his parents. John Roberts was in Chelsea, Monday. Mr. Wood, of Chelsea, called here the first of the week. Wm. Connors had a husking,bee, Tuesday. Mrs. Haab and family spent the Sabbath at Four Mile lake. Mrs. Dwyer and family are movmg their household goods to Ypsiianti. Pat Sloan is building an office near his livery barn. Pat McCabe was home over Sunday. The people of St. Joseph's church are preparing a very interesting program, to be given at Thanksgiving. Miss Kate Lockhardt, of Ann Arbor, visited her sister over Sunday. Mrs. Charles Schoen enjoyed a visit from her sister the past week. Mrs. E. M. Fohey and baby, of Pinckney, was the guest of her sister, Fnday. Miss Rose Holly, of Detroit, will spend the winter with her cousins. Mrs. William Sweetman is home Arom her visit at Marión with her daughter. George Clark, of Putnam, made .a cali last Monday. Mrs. Fannie Schulths entertained her daughter, Sunday last. XV. Benton and wife entertained 'Vicnds one day last week. C Ma pea and family, of Plainlield, visited friends the last of the week. Miss Flo. Rattwick is theguestof lier sister in Detroit for a few weeks. Mrs. Quish and children are home from their visit to Grand Rapids. S. L. Jenney and family are entertaining friends from the East. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony, of Cayuga, N. Y., are visiting here. Dr. J. W . Lee has gone to VVaterloo, Jackson county, to practice medicine. Miss Edith VVaite has gone to Grand Rapids to visit friends. Miss Inej Kellogg has returned to lier home in Plymouth. Clayton Goodwin, of Ann Arbor, s teaching in the Van Riper district in Webster. Mrs. Kay will spend a few weeks at Northville as the guest of relatives and other friends.


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