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$%CgSSL%3SSLS3SS3QO 1 ________ I ! ! juuuüúú0XCQ0(X?3X We Deed TWENTY or JVÍORH original and L striking designa ior Newspuper Advortlso C rnents of SANTA CLAUS SüAP. The L racturors, The N. K. Fulrbaiik Company, E thorizo lis to pay TLN DOLLAR? EACH for Jte approved drawlngB witli appropriiite ' ' 1 115 ; or $5.00 eac. for do.-tigns or reading ter only. ïhla offer Is open to all. The ' petitlon wlll (jlosa December 1. As soon as " posslble aft ar tuut u;-.lo wo will pay for " ed designs anJvjUiru t'neoUnr.-i. Remember, " for completa, accoptablo advertlsements we " pay , $10 Each I Dïrcctions.- Make drawlngs wlth black ink ' on heavy white paper, orcard board. Do the work in outline. Elabórate shadlug wlll not ! print well. Space in papers will befonrlnches , Rquare. Draw tolargerscale ifyouprefer, but , have design square. The idea Is most impor, tant. If thatisgood wecan have itredrawn 1 and still ,Tve you credit. Avold poetry. Get up an :d. Uiutwouldmako youbay thearticle. Points.- Santa Claus Is a pure, high-grade Soap- tiade for laundry and general house" hola uso - a favorito whereverknown. Merlts ' generous praise. Sold by al! groeers, whole' sale and retal!. Do your best, and send results promptly. Address (ouly) , N. W. AYER & SON, Newspaper Advertlsíng Agents, PH1LADELPH1A. L


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