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A Prison Experiment

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An experiment in the treatment of convicta is about to be inaugurated iu the .state prisou of Massachusetts, at Charlestown, which may, as expected, be of much practical benefit in behalf of prisou reform. It is something like a return to the system of solitary confinement, although in thiscaso the prisoner will be allowed to decide for himself if he desires that mode of iife during the period of nis incarceratiou. A convict doiug this will see no one but his keeper, but will be given plenty of exercise and good, wbolesome food, provided with vvork and be kept iu acomfortable cell. The evil after effects of the, present gregarions method of keeping convicts will. it is believed, be prevented by the new system. Many men who depart from the path of propriety and are made to suffer for it legally go to prison with a determination to reform and to lead good lives wheu their sentences expire, but they are thrown constautly into the companionship of hardened crimináis, who will not fail to insist upon a continuance of the prison acquaintanceship after they get out. There are numerous instances on record where a man who has been released from prison and endeavors to lead a repeotable Iife is torced back into crime by those who were compauion convicts with him and who adopt a system of blackmail and threats to compel him to enter into relations with them. The Massadiusetts mode will allow well disposed prisoners to sepai-ate themselves from the other convicts and let them leave their cells wheu freed, undismayed by the fear of meeting crimináis who kuow they also wore the stripes and will take familiar advantage of their


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