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Friday Evesing, Nov. ;:-] mand League :oncert by the Heberleln Concert Co., ut Christ church. Fkidav, Nov. 23. 4 p. ra.- Hare and Hound run fróm Waterman gymnasium. Friday Evening, Nov. 29- "Tornado" at tlie Grand opera house. Friday, Nov. 28- Champlonshlp Inter-olass toot-ball game at atliletic h'eM. AdmissioQ -ö cents. Friday, Nov. 23- Miss Jane Addanis wlll speak :it Newberry Ball, In the evening-, on social írt tlement work. Fbiday, Nov. L- Dr. Markley will addresa the Engineering society on "Logarilhms, ' in room '.), Engineering building. Saturday Evkninoi, Nov. U- "On the Itowery," Graud opera house. Saturday, Nov. 'M- U. of M. vs, Cornell in Detroit. Fare for round trip, inoludlng rame, tl .50. Saturday. Nov. 24- Meeting of the Gradúate Club at Judge Cooley's re.sidence, at 7::W. Judge Cooley wlll irive an address on "( !ompulsorv Arbitialion." Si NDAY, Nov. 25- At I'resbyteriau ciuircli. alter msriiinir serviré, leoture to stiirteiits by Prof. lli-rdman, '-.Mirarles of ChriBt. ' Si'nday, Nov. 26- Professor J. B. Steére, at tlie M. K. cliurch, at 12 m., on "Evoíution i rom u Cliristiau Stamlpoiut." Sühday. Nov. 26- Profe8B&r E. F. Johnson wil) addresstheS. O.A., iu Newberry Hall, at 9:16 a. m. Monday Bvbnino, Nov.Zft- Uaíty club lect "re by lir. S. A. Jones. Subject, 'Roiiafcide Khymes." Sünday, Dkc. 2- At. Bresbyterian ehurch. "The Religión of Pluto." Geo. Rebec. Si.NDiY, Dec. 9- The Univevsity Bi-Centcnnia.L at Halle, lts Tribute to Protestant Kelifcion. Proí. A. B. Prescott. TDI8DAY, Dkc. 4- Jury term of circuit court. Satvtrday Evekikg, Nov. 34- At the M. E. ehurch, at 8 o'clook, "The Fool inPolitiis," by James C. Ambrose. Admission, i") cents. Sünday MoRsnKn-Trinity Lutheran cliurch. Sacrament, ol' the Lord's Supper. la the evening, Sermón in Germán, by Hev. H. F. Be!er.


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