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( 01 N' 11 CH IMBKB.j Ann AKliOli, Nov. 1, 1884.) Regalar session. Called to order ly the Clerk. Roll callee!. Quorum present. Absent- Aids. Wagner, Taylor, Kitwn, and President Wines. - 4. On motiou of Aid. Prettynian, Aid. Martin was chosen President iro tem. On motion of Aid. Wood, the council resolved itsplf into a Board of Review to consider the certifícate of the Board of Works, relating to the grading tind construction ot sidewalks within the city, at the expense of the Street Fond. On motion, Aid. Prettyman v;is elected chairman, and Clerk Miller secretary. Al'ter considering tlie same, it being made to appear that due uotiee of this meeting liaviiig been given, Aid Manly offered the following resolution : Whekeas. tlils day haviug been assigned, for eOUtiDUulioe. for the hearing and determinatiou oí tliu u-uth of the cei-titicate of the Board of Public Works relative to the grading, coustruction uud repairiug oí sidewalks adiacent to private property at the expense of the Street Fund for the year endiog on the third Monday of October", 1894. and due notice haviug been glven, and all persons haviug bsen heard, and due consideratlon havin been had and it appearmg to this Council sittfhg as a Board of Review that the said certifícate ia in all things true. Therefore Resolved, anfl this Board of Review do hereIiy certify the said certifícate wlth our deteruiinatlon as aforesaid to the Commou (Jouncil. Adopted is follows : Yeas- Aid. Bodmer, Martin, Alinendinger, Wimd, Snyder, Ferguson,Brown, Manly, Prettyman. - S'. Nays - Xmif. On motion, the Board of Review adjourned, and the council tlien reaaeembled with Aid. Martin in the cluür. Aid. Wagner and Taylor reported present. ( COMMUXICATIONX. Ann Arhor, Mich., Nov. 19, is'.n. ïo the Commou Council : The Board of Review for determining the ■uth of the certifícate of the Board of Public Vorks of the city of Aim Arbor of the coutruction and repairs of sidewalks do hereby ertify to the Commou Council of said city, hat t'hey have duly considereil the certifícate f the construction aud repairs of sidewalks, s certified to by the Board of Public Work-i, ud after such due consideration of said cerifícate they have approved and do hereby iiprove aud confirm of said certifícate, and of ïattera and things theln contained. The Board of Review, W. J. Mii.lkk, H. G. Prkttvman. Secretary. Chairman. Accepted, and leave beinji granted lie following resolution was offered : Bv Aid. Manlv : Resolved, And t is hereby ordered that the uveral aums oí niouey paid, luid out. aud exjeuded for the grading, coiistruction and reair oí sidewnlks in front of auü adjaceut to rlvate property. In the city of Ann Arbor for lie year onding on the tuird Mouday of Oct., 894.' as set down on and eontained iu the cerificate oL the same to this Common Council y the Board of Review, with ten per cent .hereof added thereto be and the same are lerebv nsKessed and ievied on and against the everal lots and part? of lots, m front of or djacent to wliich the said sidewalks were repectfully gradcd, construeted and reoaired, s appeais in and by the said certifícate, and he said assessment is hereby duly certified to ;he city assessor, and the said citv assessor is ïereby'directed to assess the said several soms t' mo'uey, with ten per cent thereof added nereto ön and against the said several pareéis of lands inentioned iu the said certifícate, iiirsuao't to the charter and ordmances, in uch case made and provided. It is further ordered that the city clerk do ertify this order and resolutiou to the city ssessor. Adopted as follows : Yeas - Aid. Wagner, Bodmer, Martin Allmendinger, Wood, Suyder, Ferguon, Brówn, Manly, ïaylor, Prettyman. -11. Naya - None. FKOM TUK BOARD 01'' PUBLIC ÍVOKKS. To the Honorable (Jommon Council : Gentlemen :- The Board of Public Work espectfully report that they have caused to be made a prolile of the proposed sidewalk grade on and along the eat sute of Sevenll treet, betweeii Vuiler avenue and Hu ron street for your consideration and approyal he board cause to be prepared and herewitl submitthe proper resolution establishingsaU grade. By order of the Board of Public Works. W. J. Millek, Clerk. Keferred to committe on sidewalks. FROM THE SAME. To the Common Council : Cienl lemen :- The Board of Public Work respectfully submit the annexed estímate made by the city engineer and approved by the board, for work done and completed bj the sewer contractors since Oct. 31. 1894, t November 14, 1S94, in Sewer Dlstricts. No. and 2, amount due Herman Hutzel cor tractor of sewer in District No. 2 $495,55 amount due Stevenson, Reíd A Co., con tractors of sewer in Dist. No 1. $1084.80. By oulerof Board of Public Works. W. J. Milleb. Clerk. Frank Wood, C. H. Manly, finalice Conimittee Ueferred to oommittee on finance. KROM THE SAME. i'o the Honorable Common Councll. Gentlemen:- The Board of Public Work recominend tliat j'oa direct the board to pui chase of Jacob Sturm. of Saline, if upon in vestigation itisfound tobe flrst elass lumbe i quautity of seasoned swamp oak plan Lwo and one-half inches by seven to twelv inches by slxteen feet tor the sum of $1S pe thousand f. o. b. at Ann Arbor, Mich. ■By order of Board of Public Works. W. J. Mii.lek, Clerk. A11. Manly moved" tliat tliat the coin ïnunication be laid on tlie table. Adopted as follows : Ayes - Aid. Wagner, Bodmer, Marti Allmendinger, Wood, Snyder, Fergusoi Brown, Manly, Taylor, I'rettyman. - 1 Nays - None. I'KESEXTATIOX OF PETITIONS. Of J. F. Hoelzle, and eighteen other butcliei's, asking the commou couucil to take soine actiou looking toward the stopping of unlicensed ment peddlers froin plyinj; tlieirvocation in this city. Referred to Couamittee on Ordinances. MOTIONS .1X1) RESOLÜTIONS. By Aid. Wood: Resolved, Tliat permlssiou be granted to Heury Cornwell to lay lateral sewer frora hls resideuce down Detroit street to connect witli niain sewer. under the supervisión of the city englneer without expense to the city. Adopted. By Aldernian Wood : Reaolved, That the report of the special water coimnittee be taken froin the table and referred to the regular water to Investígate tbe prlceg charged in other clties tor the rental of hydrantsand for lluliiog closeta, and that thty report to this Council at their earliest convenienoe. Adopted as follows : Yeas - Aid. Martin. Allmendinger, Wond, Ferguson, Manly, Taylor - 6. Nays- Aid. Waguer, Bodmer, Snyder Brown, I'; ettyman- 5. AM. 'm I moved that the rèpoii of stimates made by the Board of Public Torks for sevrer completed b} Bewer antractors n IMsts. Èfo. 1 and 2, aince et. 31, '94, lie accepted and adopted nd warrants ordered drawn for the imis stated therein. Adopted as follows : Aves- Aids. Wagner, Bodmer, Marn, Alhnendinger, Wood, Snyder, Feruson, Brown, Manly, ïayior, Prettylan - 11. Nays - None. Aid. Brown : Rfxolrrd, That the lightins committee ure lereby authorlzed and direceted to look up he matter of locating a gas lamp on Catherne street between FUth Ave. and División treet and report at the next C'ouuoil meetng. Adopted. By Alderinan Ferguson : Resolved, That the Mayor be and s authorzed and etnpowered to appolnt, for the term f one year, three competent persons to act s special policetnen for the purpose oficuamïg the property and conservlug the peace al he Grand Opera House in this city, such poceinen, however, to perform such service Ittiout costs to the city, and also the eity to e without liabllity for any neglect of duty n their part. Adopted. communïcation krom tuk mayoe. Mayor'8 Office, City of Ass Akkob, Xov. 19, 1894. o the Honorable the Common Council : Pursuant to the resolutlon of yonr honorble body passed authoriztng and empowerng meto uppoint three competent persons o act as special pollcemen, for the purpose n sald resolutlon axpressed, I have this day ppolnted Robert Leouard.Joseph Klrby and T. D. Horton, as special pollcemen. subject to he approval of your honorable body. C. G. DARLING, Mayor. Aid. Prettynmn moved that the uppointraents of the Mayor be received and confinned in a body. Adopted as follows : Yeas- Aid. Wagner, Bodmer, Martin, Alhnendinger, Wood, Snyder, Ferguson, Brown, Manly, Taylor, Prettymau - 11. Nays - Xoue. President Wines reported present. By Aid. Manly. Resolved, That the Board of Public Works be, and they are hereby iustructed to proceed forthwith to advertise for bids to construct the brauch of the maiu sewer situated iu the fifth ward. Adopted as follows. Yeas - Aid. Waguer, Bodmer, Martin, Allmendinger, Wood, Suyder, Ferguson, Brown, Manly, Taylor, Prettyman and President Wines. - 12. Nays - None. Aid. Wood moved that the Clerk issue a new dog tag, where one has been lost by the owner. Aid. Prettyman moved a substitute that the Clerk is hereby directed to give a new dog tag upon the payment of fifty cents to the Clerk as his fees. Aid. Mánly moved an aineudment to the substitute by making the fees twenty-five cents for issuing a new dog tag for one lost. AVhich anu'ndment to the substitute prevailed, and the substitute as ainended prevailed. Aid. Brown moved that the Mayor ib hereby authurized o appoint a compe tent person to act as pound-master, sub ject to the approval oí this council. Adopted. Aid. Prettyman moved that the title to a piece of land lying in the fifth ward which bas been used as a pound, be re ferred to a special committee cousisting of Aid. Manly and the City Attorney Lor a report. Adopted. The Clerk reported tlmt the lease fo the city offices were uot executed on ac count of tho clause in the sanie for brick setting the heating boilers in said build ing, which can't be done by Mr. Greene on account of said boilers being porta ble. On motion. the eouncil adiourned. City Clerk


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