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I am requested to DEN Y iu capital letters tbíit auy matrimonial engagament exist'. between Misa Odette Tyler and Mr. H vvard Gould, and to assert that the $9, )00 ruby ís a token of friemlship only 'Howard Gonkl ís engaged, but only in building a 20 rater to take abroad to try to retrieve the evil fortunes of Vigilan t. Mrs. Bradley-Martin's return home will be awaited with all the more impatience since n ia kuown tbat siie has bought the diamond crown of the unfortúnate Marie Antoinette Thisis no evideuce that Mrs. BradleyMartin has io.t h'er head. because the tiara industry had reaïiy become too coinmon Almost every other woman in a grand tier box at the opera house has been wearing a tiara boom-de-ay, as these costly headpieces are irreverently called A crowned head will be a novelty. It is not often that we associate feats of strength with noblenien of continental Europe except in regard to their tenacity in holding ou to American heiresses. Yet it seems that we have been enter - taining a veritable Sarasou in the person of the very agreeable but by no means mnscular looking Count Hadik, who spent tho summer in Newport and is goiug to speud the winter in New York. At an exhibition given at one of the clubs the other day he astonished the compauy by snapping cbaius as neatly as oue breaks off au engagement these days, by "putting up" 150 pouud durnbbells and by tearing in two three packs of cards held together. I have seen some very peculiar tricks with cards performed by foreign noblemen, bnt never one that excelled this. As Count Hadik is also said to be one of the best pistol shots in Europe, there seems to be every prospect that he will complete his American tour uumolested


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